The Birthday Wish


17. Chapter 16: Max Alert/Sally's Christmas Present

     I woke up the next morning knowing I had to call Ed or Mariah. Most likely Mariah since she would know what to do. The phone rang 4 times "Damn straight to voice mail " "What did you say?" I turn around looking at my door frame my mom standing there her arms crossed with her eyebrows furrowing in my direction. "Sorry mom I didn't here you come in." I started to get up and make my bed before getting ready for the day. "Who were you trying to call?" I looked at her wondering why she was trying to find out. "Um..I was trying to call Mariah to talk to her about something." She looked at me "She's already here. She's sitting at the kitchen table waiting for you." 
    As soon as I was done getting ready I walked out to see Mariah and no Niall. "Hey sleeping beauty. How are you? Haven't heard from you in a while." I looked at her with my eyes popping out of my sockets signaling her that we needed to talk. "Okay I'm coming." We walked back to my room and I closed the door behind us. "You'll never guess who came over last night to talk." She rolled her eyes and looked towards Max's house "One guess." I nodded "He tried to kiss me and get me to be with him and dump Ed." Mariah looked at me with bulging eyes "What!? Please tell me you didn't kiss him and say your not going to dump the one good thing you've got going for you?" I shook my head and gave her a disgusted look.
    "I have no reason to break Ed's heart. He means the world to me and more." She looked at me almost crying. (Mariah's POV) "I have to go but we will hang out later." I walked out of the room and stood in the hallway. I pulled out my phone and started to call Niall. "Thank you so much Mrs. Martinez for letting me in while Sally was sleeping." She looks at me "Anytime sweetie." I walk out the door and Niall answers. "Hello princess." I smile "Hi honey, um can we talk?" "Sure where do you wanna meet?" I pause and think "I just left Sally's wanna meet half way?" "Yea see you in a few." 
    I started to walk and met him at the half way point. "Hey princess!" He says as he gives me a kiss. "Hi babe." he looks at me with a smile. "What did you wanna talk about?" I looked down and then back up at him. "I was thinking we could call Ed and see if he could come back on Christmas for Sally. She really misses him." He smiled a cheeky smile "That's the best idea ever." I nodded my head and laughed. "Thanks but we better do it fast I think that Max guy is trying to get her back." Niall looked at me with a shocked face. 
    We headed back to his house to make the call. "What do we tell him when we call him?" I look at him "The truth. I don't wanna lie to him." We arrived at Niall's house and went straight to his room. "Make the call." I say handing him my phone. He dials the number and puts the phone on speaker. Ringing begins to fill the silent room. "Hello?" I take a deep breath "Hey Eddie! How are you? Its me Mariah." "And Niall." He adds. "Hey guys how are you?" We both look at each other. "Good. I wanted to talk to you.." He interrupted me "Actually I wanted to tell you something but you have to promise you wont say anything to Sally." "Promise." We say in unison. 
    Ed laughs "Well you see I was supposed to be here till January but they changed the scheduled  I'm going to be there for Christmas. And also I have a big surprise for Sally." I look at Niall "Well what is it buddy!?" Niall says with a smile. "I'm going to ask her to marry me!" I screamed. "Oh my gosh! This is going to be the best birthday present ever." I can here Ed giggle on the other side of the phone. "Yes but don't say a word to Sally." "I wont Ed. Bye see you when you come out." We hang up and looked at each other smiling. (End Mariah's POV) 

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