The Birthday Wish


16. Chapter 15: Talking To Ed/Max

    I had the biggest smile on my face "Hey babe, I miss you too. I'm doing okay I just wish you were here for Christmas." I said as I sighed. "I wanna be there too love. Tell you what if I'm not there I will make it up to you." I giggled "How are you going to do that?" He took a deep breathe through the phone, "You'll just have to wait and see. But I have to go now. I love you Sally." "I love you too Edward." then we hung up. I wanted so badly to know what he was planning if he wasn't going to see me before Christmas.
    Mariah walked in a few minutes after Ed and I had hung up. "Who were you talking to?" I look up smiling. "Never mind" She says laughing "When's he coming home?" I shrugged my shoulders "I'm not sure but I'm hoping I get to see him on Christmas. My birthday is Christmas Eve after all." Mariah looks at me then at her phone. "Well its getting late Niall and I better get going." Niall walks up behind her "What are you girls talking about?" Mariah looks at Niall and says "Nothing we'd better get going sweetheart." Niall looks at Mariah "I just got to the room and you wanna leave?"
    Mariah gave him a look like 'I will tell you when we leave!' I laugh a little as we say goodbye to each other. I sit in my room looking at the ceiling thinking 'This is the first birthday that I'm going to have a boyfriend and he won't even be here for me.' Starting to fall asleep, lying in bed with the warm covers over me, listening to Ed singing a song he wrote for me 'Wake Me Up'. I open my eyes before fully falling into a deep sleep I grab my phone and started to text Ed. 

To: Edward <3
    hey babe just wanted to let you know i love you and also to say thank you for asking me out when you did this really means a lot to me [From: Sally (My love)]
To: Sally (My love)
    your welcome princess you are by far the best thing that has happened to me since i came here I'm glad i met you when i did i love you Sally with all my heart [From: Edward <3]

      After reading the message I fell asleep as happy as could be. Closing my eyes I hear a light knock on my window. I walk up to see who it is behind the curtain, "Hi can we talk." I roll my eyes "What do you have to say Max?" He hops in the window and walks up to me holding my waist as I'm facing the mirror. "What does Ed have that I don't?" I push his hands off my waist "He's got a lot you don't have. Leave." I said pointing to the window.
    He turned to climb out the window. "You know we belong together. We've known each other for the longest time." I looked at him and laughed. "Are you serious right now? Listen to yourself Max. You could have any girl in the school and you choose me, why?" He walked up to me "Because I knew from the moment I met you I could see myself with you. No one else mattered or matters in this case. Why do you think I protected you from everything all this time?" I shrugged my shoulders "To be cool I don't know. Just leave Max your going to get me into trouble." He turned and started to climb out the window but then stopped and looked back saying "I will win Sally. Ed has nothing on me."   

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