The Birthday Wish


15. Chapter 14: You Don't Know What Love Is

     I woke up thinking about Ed and how much I missed him. Its been 2 weeks and Christmas is practically here, 3 days to be exact. We have been talking everyday when we are able to. Mariah and Niall have been coming over frequently to keep me company. Right when I had entered my room my phone rang. "Hello?" "Hello? Is Sally there?" "Speaking." I had no idea who it was. "I was wondering if we could get together and talk. I wanna start fresh." I knew at that moment it was Max. "Look Max I do miss our friendship and everything but I don't want you to be part of my life." I hung up.
    I stood in the middle of my room thinking 'If Max says he loves me how come he never told me anything? He was protecting me from everything. I should have told him before he left but then if I had I wouldn't be dating Ed.' The sound of the door bell brought me back to reality. I ran to the door thinking it was going to be Ed. I opened the door "Hey ba-" only looking at the person standing there wasn't Ed. "Sally please give me a chance to make it up to you." I rolled my eyes "Fine! But any funny business and your in trouble." He nodded and I invited him in while I went to get my coat.
    When we were leaving Niall and Mariah walked up to us. "Hey Sally, where are you off to?" As much as I wanted to get out of the whole hanging out with Max I couldn't. I looked at Mariah "Um...just gonna hang out." Mariah looks at me and rolls her eyes. "Where's my buddy at? Does he know your hanging out with this guy?" Niall says as he points at Max. I shake my head "I'm going to tell him later. I just really needed to get out of the house. I didn't call you cause I didn't wanna be a third wheel." I say as I pull Max and start to walk away. 
    We walk next to each other side by side as awkward silence filled the air. "So what do you wanna talk about?" Max said as we walked slowly towards the park. I shrugged my shoulders. "Well can I ask you something?" I look at him "Of course." "How long did you wait till you dated Ed?" I stopped. "Why would you wanna know something like that?" He turns and looks at me "Because I loved you. When I moved to New York I begged my father to bring me back here so I could be with you." I lifted my hand to my mouth. 
    I turned to walk away. "Where are you going?" he says turning me around. "I can't do this Max. I thought I could but I just can't." I started to cry as I walked back to my house. "Sally! I love you. Please give us a chance." I shake me head still walking away thinking 'if you really loved me you would come after me'. I turn back and laugh. Max looks at me with a confused look. "Why are you laughing?" I shake my head "Oh Max, your so gullible. That was to show you that you don't really love me." He tilts his head a little and says "How do you figure?" 
    I can't help but laugh "Because if you did love me like you say you do, you would have come after me. You don't know what love is." I walk back home alone and arrive to Mariah and Niall talking to my mom. "Hey there lady. How was your little hang out?" I look at Mariah and laugh. "It was actually funny. I proved to Max he doesn't love me." Niall looked at me with his eyes winded  I laugh "Not like that Niall." I walked to my room and sat on my bed about to call Ed. But my phone rang before I could dial his number. "Hello?" "Hello love. I miss you. How are things?" The only voice that could make me smile and feel like nothing in the world matters. Ed's.

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