The Birthday Wish


14. Chapter 13: Home For The Holidays

     By the time I'm done getting ready Ed called. "Hello?" "Hello love, are you ready to go?" Smiling "Yes. What are we doing today?" He laughed into the phone. I pull the phone away from my ear and then pull it back to my ear "What's so funny?" "Your going to have to wait and see what it is." he hung up and before I knew it he was at the front door. Niall and Mariah left when I left with Ed. "See you two love birds later." Niall yells as he starts to walk away. I wave goodbye to Niall and Mariah as we start walking in the direction of the school. 
    Walking past the school Ed and I walk hand in hand towards the beach. The breeze flowing through my hair and the smell of the ocean filling my nostrils  "This is where we are having our day out?" He looks at me nodding with his hands around my waist "Do you like the surprise? I wanted to have a fun day with you and put everything behind us." I smiled and turned to face him "This is the sweetest thing ever. Thank you Ed." He smiled back at me and walked to the end of the pier.
    After about 2 hours standing and talking about college and what we wanted to do we walked back to my house. "So Sally, what are your plans for Christmas break?" I looked at him "Spending time with you of course." I say with a smile. He instantly looks down and sighs "I knew you were going to say that." I saw a side of Ed I had never seen before. Looking up Ed looked me in the eyes saying "I'm not going to be here. I'm going to visit my grandparents in England." My jaw dropped, a whole 3 weeks without Ed. "Oh." was all that came out of my mouth as we walked to get a bit to eat.
    It was awkward silence the whole time we were together. I had no idea what to say. When we left to go home I wanted to talk about it but then I figured if he wanted to he would bring it up. Right when I thought he wouldn't he did when we arrived at my house. "Sally, I know this is going to be a long time apart. I wanted you to go I did but my parents wouldn't allow it. I want you to know that you mean more to me then anything in the world." He kissed me passionately and started to walk away. "Ed wait." I yelled walking after him. "I know you love me. I love you too and I want you to know that your the only one for me. No one has treated me the way you have. I know we've had our differences and little fights but I don't want to lose you again." 
    My head hung down looking at the ground. Ed lifted my head with his hand "Baby, that'll never happen." We look into each others eyes and smile. We walked our separate ways when we had our moment to be together. Tomorrow is the day he would be leaving. I knew that no matter what he would find a way to talk to me and I the same. It was going to be hard not seeing him. Mariah had called my house 5 times so when I reached my room I gave her a call. "Hello?" "Hey Mariah, my mom said you called?"
    We were talking about her and Niall and what it is they were going to do for Christmas vacation. "Yea we are going to go to the movies and just hang out. What about you and Ed?" I didn't know what to say it was like I was paralyzed and couldn't speak. "Um..actually Ed is going home for the holidays." I said letting my head drop trying not to let tears fall from my eyes. "What!? Well are you going with him?" I shook my head and remembered she couldn't see me. "No. What am I going to do?" I say starting to cry.

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