The Birthday Wish


13. Chapter 12: Being Real

     We took our seats and just listened to the music. Mariah and Niall were getting down on the dance floor. But Ed and I were waiting for the perfect song. Then right when we looked at each other 'Ed Sheeran's-This' came on and we knew that that would forever be our song. We headed out to the dance floor when one of the cheerleaders walked up to us and said "You can go sit down now. His real date is here." I looked at her then back at Ed. "Penelope, don't start trouble. You know Sally and I are together. Go steal someone else's date." She looked at Ed, grabbed him and kissed him. I pulled her off of Ed "Look I don't know who you think you are but you can't hurt me or Ed. So back off." 
    Ed looked at me and smiled and Penelope looked at me, rolled her eyes, and walked away. Ed pulled me in close and whispered in my ear "That was romantic." I pushed away from him giggling "How was that romantic " Staring at me straight in the eyes he said words I would never forget "You showed your true self not only to me but to everyone around you." I smiled and thought 'He's right. That's the first time I've done something like that. Max couldn't even make me do something like that.' I came back to reality. "Thank you." I say hugging him as tightly as I could. "For what?" I look at him and smile "For letting me be me."
    After Winter Formal was done Mariah, Niall, Ed, and I all went out to eat. "So how does it feel being back together?" Mariah looked at me. I laughed "It's great. I really missed talking to Ed." Ed and I stared each other in the eyes and smiled. I couldn't believe that I was finally in love with someone who actually cared. Mariah and I got up to use the restroom and I wanted to tell her about Ed's secret. "Mariah I'm gonna tell you something but you cant tell anyone. Promise?" She looked at me with her pinky intertwined with mine. "Pinky promise. What do you wanna tell me?"
    I look around making sure that no one else is in the stalls. "Ed is a famous singer from England." Mariah looked at me with her eyes wide opened smiling  "Niall is a singer too. He's from a music group called One Direction." "I thought he looked familiar " I say smiling. We walk out of the restroom laughing about our similarities in our relationships. I look at Ed almost falling asleep in the booth. "Its time to go babe." I say kissing him on the cheek waking him up. "Hm. Oh yeah I'm up." He says as he sits up. We start walking to the limo and head back to my house. 
    Ed and I stayed in my room and Mariah and Niall stayed in the guest room. As soon as Ed and I made it into my room he hit the bed. I took off his shoes, shirt and pants to make him more comfortable  Then I changed into my pj's as soon as I got settled in bed Ed wrapped his arm around me and whispered in my ear "I love you Sally. Forever and always." I smile holding his hand close to me. I knew from that moment I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. I woke up the next morning with an empty spot next to me. But on the pillow was a note from Ed that read "My Dearest Sally, Thank you so much for letting me back into your life. I know we are going to work out. Also, thank you for forgiving me I wish I hadn't said what I did the other day. I have the day planned out, be ready by 2. I love you." 
    I walk out to the kitchen seeing my mom, Mariah and Niall sitting eating. "Well good morning sleeping beauty." Mariah said playfully. I sit down across from her, rolling my eyes and smiling "Did you guys talk to Ed before he left?" Niall looks at me then at Mariah with his eyes wide open "Um..actually we did but he said not to tell you anything. By the way shouldn't you be getting ready?" I turn and look at the clock and it says 1 o'clock. I look at Niall "Thanks for reminding me." I run back to my room set out my clothes and got ready. 

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