The Birthday Wish


12. Chapter 11: Winter Formal

     I woke up, Mariah sleeping on the floor next to me. I walked out to the bathroom across the hall and kept thinking to myself about how stupid I was for letting myself get involved with Max. He put me through so much after he left. "Sally? Is that you?" My mom yells from the kitchen as she walks up to the bathroom door. "Yes mom. I'll be out as soon as I'm done." I roll my eyes and all I could think about was weather or not I was actually going to go tonight to Winter Formal. I walk out of the restroom and head to the kitchen leaving Mariah to sleep for a little while longer since we didn't have to start getting ready until about 3ish. My mom looked at me and instantly knew something was bothering me.
    Sitting at the table pouring juice into my cup my mom sits next to me "Honey, what's the matter?" I shake my head indicating I don't want to talk about what was going on. Grabbing my hand my mom placed her hand on the side of my head "Sally, tell me whats on your mind." I knew I was going to cave sooner or later so I blurted out "Ed and I aren't together anymore. And I'm not going to the Winter Formal." My mothers jaw dropped she couldn't believe what I had told her. "What do you mean your not going?" I looked at her laughing a little "You can thank Max for that one." She scrunched her eyebrows. "I knew from the second I saw that boy with you he was going to cause you nothing but trouble." 
    My mom could have said something different but she never let the words get the best of her. Soon after my mom had talked to me Mariah walked in. "Good morning sunshine." My mom looked at her giggling. "Good morning. Sally your still going tonight right?" I looked at her and shook my head. "WHAT!? Why not?" Shrugging my shoulders "I'm just not in the mood right now." "Its Ed isn't it?" I nod while I swirl the juice in my cup. "I told you, you can come with me and Niall. Or would you rather it just be the 2 of us?" I look at Mariah squinting my eyes giving her a look "You would do that for me?" She smiles "Of course. Your my best friend Sally." 
    Shortly after we all heard a knock on the door. My mom left the room to see who it was. "Sally. Someone is at the door for you." I walk to the door only to see the person I never wanted to talk to. Max. "Go away Max. You've ruined my one chance at happiness." I yell tearing up. "Sally please. I love you." I look him in the eyes "You love the idea of me. You never actually saw me till now." He dropped his head "Your right, and for that I am truly sorry. Please at least let me help you get Ed back." "You'll only make things worse." I say closing the door on him. I knew I was going to have to go to Winter Formal if I ever wanted to be with Ed again.
    I turned to look at Mariah and said "I'm going. Lets start getting ready." Mariah stood there clapping her hands jumping up and down. We did each others hair and make-up then by the time we had finished we put our dresses on. Mariah and I looked at each other in Aw. I started to cry once I saw my reflection in the mirror. "Are you ready the limo is almost here?" I look at Mariah a single tear running down my face. "This is what its like to be a princess for a day?" Mariah looked at me "We should hurry..." her voice starts to trail off "because your going with Ed." I look at her "What did you say?" She smiles and says "I said I like the color Red." I laugh and start to head for the door.
    Right as I open the front door and walk out I run into Ed. "Wh- what are you doing here?" He looked at me and smiled "I'm sorry I said what I said yesterday. Mariah called me and told me what happened with Max. I wish I could take everything I said back. I jus-" I cut him off with a kiss. "Don't apologize  Its not your fault. Let's just go out and have a good time." He nodded. When we got to the gym we stood there waiting in line to walk in. We walked in and I literally thought I had walked into a movie. Everything was beautiful. Ed took my hand and squeezed it. It was our way of saying 'I love you' without even saying it.

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