The Birthday Wish


11. Chapter 10: Talking To Max

     The day was soon over. Ed and I were walking out of the building starting to head back to my house when all of a sudden Max runs out to catch up to us. "Sally! Wait for me!" I look at Ed rolling my eyes. "Sally why is he trying to win you back?" I look at Ed and laugh "I have no clue babe." I turn around and see Max standing right in front of me. "Why are you following me home?" He looks at me trying to catch his breath. "I live right across the street from you now." My jaw dropped when he spoke the words. I turn to look at Ed and he was about ready to go off on Max. "Well Ed and I are going to start walking." I turn around and grab Ed's hand intertwining our fingers.
    What felt like hours was only minutes that Max was watching us. Max had crossed the street to go home and yelled "See you later Sally!" "Bye Max." I say sarcastically. "What is his problem babe?" Ed says looking at me before saying his goodbye's. "Look Ed I have to tell you something now that Max isn't here. He kissed me." Ed looks at me furiously. "What do you mean he kissed you!" I looked at him "Don't yell babe. Remember when I stayed to talk to him?" He nodded. "Well that's when he kissed me." He looked down at the ground. "Did you kiss him back?" I looked down and nodded starting to cry. Looking back up at him I say "I'm sorry Ed. I really am. It didn't mean anything I swear." He shakes his head "Sally I don't know if I'm going to be able to take you to Winter Formal."
    Those words are the words I never wanted to hear leave his mouth. I took the ring off and gave it back. "Take this back then and pretend we never met." Running into the house I head straight to my room. I knew that this day was coming and I knew I was going to regret meeting someone so sweet and caring. I loved him. Winter Formal was tomorrow and I wasn't going. I heard a knock on the door. "Leave me alone mom. I don't want to talk about it." The door opened "Um...its not your mom its me Mariah." Mariah walked over and sat next to me. "Is everything okay between you and Ed?" I lift up my head to look at Mariah. "No Ed and I are not going to Winter Formal and are now officially broken up." I sit up and Mariah looks at me "You know what Why don't you come with me and Niall?"
    I look at her and smile "Thanks but everyone knows 3rd wheels are no fun and I don't want to ruin anything for you and Niall." Mariah shakes her head and starts to text while saying "Don't worry your not going to ruin anything for Niall and I." I nod and say "I'll be back I have to go talk to Max." Mariah looks at me "Isn't he the one who got you to this point in the first place?" I nod "Yes but i still have to talk to him." I walk out of the room and head over to Max's. I stand there hesitating to knock, but I knock on the door anyways. "Sally! How are you sweetie?" Max's father says. "I'm doing okay Mr. Sanchez. How about yourself?" "I'm doing great. Max is happy to be back he really missed you, you know." I nodded. "MAX! Sally's here to see you." Max comes running to the door. "Thanks dad." 
    "Can we talk out here?" I say pointing to the porch. He nods and closes the door behind him. "Look Max, I don't know what your trying to do here but its not working. I love Ed." As he walks towards me looking at me he says "Sally your the reason why I'm back here in Denver. I love you and I wanna be with you." Putting my hand on his chest to stop him from getting any closer I look at him "You could have had me if you never left and actually said something to me. Why is it that you want me now? It makes no sense." He moves my hand from his chest and moves in even closer his forehead against mine our noses touching "Because your the only one I wanna be with no matter where I am or what I'm doing."
    I push him back "That's a bunch of bullshit. You only want me when I'm taken. If I wasn't with Ed you could give 2 shits about me." I start to walk away but Max pulled on my shoulder turning me around. "You know we're meant for each other why don't you see it?" He leans in trying to kiss me but right before he does I lift up my hand and slap him. "Don't you dare come near me again. I thought you were my friend but now your just another enemy." I run back over to my house with tears running down my face. "I'm done with Max. I want nothing to do with him." I say to Mariah. "Thank the lord." She says putting her hands together looking up at the ceiling.


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