The Birthday Wish


2. Chapter 1: Out With The Old, In With The New

            My mother had been doing the laundry when I walked in from school. “Honey is that you?” thinking my father had come home from work. “No mom. It’s me.” “How was school today Sally?” I replied with a sigh “It was fine I guess.” It was getting closer to the Winter Formal and she kept bugging me to see if I had gotten a date yet. But the only person I would go with, or would have gone with, is my best friend Max Sanchez. He moved to New York in October.  He was the only one who understood me. I couldn't picture going without him. I was in love with him. He made me feel so happy go lucky. I’m always teased at school. When he was around no one was the way they are to me now. No one likes me, let alone talks to me.

            When I walked into my room all I could think about was how I had lost the person who never judged me. Right when I had laid down I heard my mom scream. I ran down stairs from my room “What’s wrong?” “I forgot to buy some drinks for tonight” “Ugh really that’s why you screamed!” I rolled my eyes. She then asked “Can you please run to the store and get some soda and juice?” I took the keys and left. I was so mad that she had made me leave. I wanted to hurry and go back home. While I was at the store I saw a person I had never seen around town. He looked very strange and looked as if though he could not choose what he wanted. I started to talk to him. “Are you okay there? Don’t think to hard or your head will explode.” I said with a laugh. He replied laughing “Yes I’m fine thank you.”

             I introduced myself “I’m Sally Martinez. And you are?” He replied “I’m new in town just moved here from Halifax, England. My name is Edward Christopher Sheeran. You can call me Ed for short.” He looked as if he was my age, 18 maybe even a year older. Ed had red hair, beautiful blue eyes, and stood about 5 feet 7 inches. In a way he kind of resembled Max. Minus the hair. I asked “So what school are you gonna be going to?” Ed said “Washington High School. Is that where you’re going to school?” “Yes as a matter of fact. But I was actually going to change schools.” I said with a sad distinct sound in my voice. He asked “Why would you do that don’t you have friends that will miss you?” “No” I say sadly almost crying “I never had ‘friends’ I had one friend.” “Well isn't he or she going to miss you?” I shook my head “No. He moved away last month. His father got a promotion. So now he’s in New York.” I could already feel the tears coming from my eyes. Ed pulled me in and hugged me tight. It was so tight I could barley breathe. He whispered in my ear “I’ll be your friend.” I then hugged him back and said “Thank you”.

            After talking to Ed I paid for what my mom asked me to and went straight home. By the time I go home an hour had past and dad was home. Mom had been worried something had happened to me. “Where have you been?!” mom exclaimed. “At the store, where else have I been?” I said rolling my eyes. “Young lady don’t talk to your mother like that!” dad said. “Okay” I said “Well I met someone at the store, we were talking and time passed. I’m sorry mom.” Mom and dad looked at each other thinking ‘who is it she could have met?’ then finally dad asked “Who did you meet?” “A new guy in town who will be attending my school. His name is Edward Christopher Sheeran, Ed for short. He reminds me of Max in a funny way.” I replied. Thinking if I should have told him the truth, seeing as how he is my father and I am an only child. I see my mom in the background jumping around thinking I finally have a date for Winter Formal. “Mom I just met the guy. Take a chill pill!”

            It’s Monday and I could tell this this week was going to seem like a drag. Everyone keeps giving me those looks like ‘Why is she still here?’ and ‘I thought she left town?’ I don’t know why I let all these people get to me. I miss walking the halls with Max, even though no one said hi to me, I felt as if people were talking to me. I ran into someone as I was walking to my first class, we bumped shoulders. “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, please forgive me.” I said as is if I had run into a cheerleader and messed her up as she was putting on lipstick. “It’s okay don’t worry about it.” I've heard this voice before, a familiar face popped in my head. I look up “Edward?” “Hello Sally. Please call me Ed its funny hearing my full name coming from someone other than my mother.” I couldn't help but laugh at his statement. “I didn't realize it was you. Did you get your schedule?” “Not yet I’m headed to the office to get it wanna come with me?” I looked at him thinking to myself ‘why would he want me to go when he could ask someone else’ but then I said “Yea sure why not.” What did I just do? Why didn't I just say no?

            So we start towards the office, the first couple of minutes were silent, Ed asked “How come all the people we pass by are looking at you funny?” I look at him and answer “Well I’m not quite sure why. They never have any specific reason to hate me.” I didn't want to tell Ed the real reason why they hate me. But then I should have maybe he would understand. We walked into the office, as he talks to the principle, I notice that all the cheerleaders and football players are standing outside. They see Ed. I wonder if he’s a football player too. Ed looks to the principle “Thank you so much Sir. I won’t let you down.” I can’t make out what the principle is telling Ed. But he replies “No thank you I have my own tour guide Sally Martinez.” I quickly turn my head towards Ed. He walks towards me and says “Shall we?” as he opens the door. “Thanks you. May I ask you a question Ed?” “You just did” he replies with a giggle. “I’m serious." I say laughing a little. "Are you a football player?” I ask. “Yes.” He replies.

              I feel like such a goof ball saying this to myself but why do I always make friends with people who shouldn't be friends with me? I couldn't believe how much he resembled Max. I took a look at Ed’s schedule to see what classes he had. When I looked I saw all the same classes except football. I was going to see him all day every day. We walked to class together and he saw a poster for Winter Formal. “Are you going?” he asked pointing to the poster. “No. I want to, but I think it’s overrated.” But truth be told I really wanna go. “You don’t have a date? Why not? Your beautiful!” Now I know he’s full of it. Beautiful? Me? “It’s not that I don’t have a date I just don’t wanna go.” I told him. He couldn't believe what he just heard, he was in total shock. After I told him that I just wanted the day to be over. 

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