Life in the Spotlight

what happens when two of the most famous teenagers start dating? How will the fans react?

The rest I have no idea what will happen! I am a free writer (no direction). If you have any suggestions feel free to comment :)


9. Reunited, Florida and New Friends!

Kylie’s POV

We landed in Florida around eleven so we headed straight to the hotel, checked in and then went to sleep. Maz was going to be sharing a room with his friend Sam and I had my own room. The good thing was that our rooms were right next to each other. Maz naturally wakes up early so I asked him to wake me up so I could go to the gym in the hotel. He decided to go to the gym with me and then we’d go back to our rooms’ shower and then change. I changed into this, (PICTURE 1).  We went down to get breakfast and then we caught up with two of his friends, Caspar and Alfie. We headed to the pool and I tanned for an hour while they went in the pool and on the slide. When they came back I got to know Caspar and Alfie, they are both really nice. They asked if I would want to be in their vlogs at all. All three of them were vlogging their trip, Maz had vlogged him and I meeting up in the airport and on the plane. He pretty much vlogged everything including when we landed, got to the hotel, us finding out that we were going to be neighbors and us going to the gym this morning. Like I said, he vlogged everything and so did Caspar and Alfie. We also exchanged numbers and at around twelve we went to get lunch. The rest of the day consisted of us hanging out by the pool, talking, swimming and then we went out for dinner.

“Ky, tomorrow we are going to the airport to get the rest of ‘the crew’ but that’s around ten at night.” Maz said as we went up to our rooms. “We can go to Disney tomorrow with Caspar, Alfie and Sam. Sam is coming in an hour or so.”

“Sounds like a plan, I think I might sleep in a little and not go to the gym. At around eight or so could you get me?”

“Yeah of course. Good night Kylie.”

“Good night Maz.” I said giving him a hug and then we both went into our rooms.

It was already eleven because we had a little party type thing in Caspar and Alfie’s room. I had showered before dinner so I just changed into pajamas and went to sleep after taking off the make up I had put on.

“Kylie, wake up!” Maz said jumping up and down on my bed.

“I’m up!” I said sitting up.

I changed into this, (PICTURE 2). I put a little make up on, grabbed my bag and met Maz and Sam in the lobby as Maz had texted me saying we’d meet there. We went into the hotel restaurant and were about to order when Caspar and Alfie joined us. Just in case you were wondering, they were all vlogging again and they continued to through out the day. We went on so many rides, Maz and Sam were both scared of roller coasters but Caspar dared them to go on them with us anyways. We went back to the hotel, had dinner and then showered since we were all sweaty from the hot day in Orlando. Maz, Sam and I all left for the airport at nine since it was about forty minutes away. We picked up Jack, Finn, Marcus, Dan, Phil and Tyler. They were all so funny, nice and great people to know. I introduced myself to all of them after they had reunited with Maz and Sam. The car ride back to the hotel was crazy. All of them except for Tyler are British and Jack and Finn are twins. They all checked in and then we all headed to Jack and Finn’s room to catch up and well for me to get to know them. We all went to bed pretty late, today we were going to Universal Studios since it was the last semi-relaxing day. Many people recognized all of us and asked for pictures, which we gladly took with them. Tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday was the day they all had meet ups or some collaboration type thing. I was wearing this today, (PICTURE 3). I was leaving Sunday morning and then heading up to New York for a fashion shoot with a clothing company that was extremely known in America and was coming over to the UK soon. Tonight we had a party in the main room as well as tomorrow. Maz and I stayed together as we both weren’t on the schedules to perform or anything. I’m not really sure why Maz wasn’t scheduled to have meet ups or anything, many people asked for pictures and complimented his videos. I had gotten to know everyone I had met this trip and we all became friends instantly.

**Saturday Night**

After the party ended everyone came back to my room and we stayed up a little longer. At around three we decided that it was time to call it a night. I said goodbye to each one of them and we decided that we’d catch up sometime soon when we could when we were back in the UK.



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