Life in the Spotlight

what happens when two of the most famous teenagers start dating? How will the fans react?

The rest I have no idea what will happen! I am a free writer (no direction). If you have any suggestions feel free to comment :)


4. Photo Shoot (edited)

Kylie’s POV

I woke up at five forty five and headed to the gym. I showered then did my make up and changed into this, I went back home to make breakfast, I put my mom’s breakfast in the warmer and put the note on the counter then went outside to my car. The studio was only twenty minutes away so I had a good thirty minutes until the shoot started. I got to the studio with ten minutes to chill and just go on my phone. I went on instagram and decided to post a picture of what I was wearing. I then decided to tweet ‘getting ready for the @OnePiece photo shoot! Absolutely love onesies! <3’

“Kylie we are ready for you, your partners have arrived.” My manager Liz said.

“Got it, thank you.” I said as I put my phone down and got up.

“Harry, Louis, Zayn, Niall and Liam this is Kylie.” Their bodyguard Paul said.

“Hey again.” I said.

“Told you I had a feeling.” Liam said as he passed me as he went to the snack table for tea.

“Did you know Payne?” I asked curiously.

“Not at all but I did have a feeling.”

“Kylie!” our photographer Martin said.

“Hey Martin, how are you?” I said giving him a hug.

“I think you grew since last week!” He joked.

“Yup, I have.”

“How tall are you now?”

“Five ten and a quarter.” I said.

                                      [PRETEND THAT LIAM IS 5’11 AND A ½]

“Wow.” The boys said.

“Let’s get started!” Martin said. “Kylie you know the drill, Cher will get you ready. Boys go to Nicole.”

“Hey Kylie, how are you today?” Cher said cheerfully as I walked into the room.

“I’m good, you?”

“Great. Would you like me to do hair and make up first?”

“Yes please.”

She did my hair first and then my make up. Cher only put natural tones on, nothing too bright because we are trying to sell the onesies not the makeup. After I was told to change into each of the boy’s separately and then into the ‘One Direction OnePiece All Over Print 2’.

“Great job guys.” Martin started.

“But.” I said silently, the boys heard me since we were standing next to each other.

“But, something happened to the photos so we are going to have to redo all of them.”

“How did you know?” Niall asked.

“I’ve worked with him for the past two and a half years.” I stated. “I’m going to get my lunch since it’s noon but I’ll catch up with you guys later.”

“Hey, how come you always disappear whenever you get the chance?”

“Sorry but I’ve been up since around six and I just like to relax when I get the chance. With a busy schedule and all I don’t get a lot of down time.”

“No yeah I understand you know you aren’t the only one with a busy schedule in this studio. I know at least five other people.” Liam joked.

“No yeah of course being in the band you’re in.”

“When am I going to get your number?” Liam said with a smile.

“What’s yours?”

Liam gave me his number, I told him I’d text him later then I went to the fridge where I had placed my lunch this morning. My lunch was, As I was sitting down in my dressing room about to eat someone knocked on my door.

“Come in.”

“The boys and I were wondering if you wanted to eat some lunch with us. We got pizza and a salad for you, Liz told us you didn’t eat pizza.” Niall said.

“No yeah I don’t and it was sweet of you guys but I brought lunch.” I said before picking up my lunch to show him. “I’ll come join though if you want.”

“Yeah ok.” He said as we left my dressing room.

I continued to stay in the onesie because it was comfortable and I didn’t feel like changing. We all ate and talked, we ended up having a two-hour break because something was wrong with the connection between the computers and cameras. I checked my phone and my mom gave me a whole food-shopping list. We retook all the photos and we were done at four. Then I went to the food store and when I got home I needed to shower so my mom made dinner tonight.


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