Life in the Spotlight

what happens when two of the most famous teenagers start dating? How will the fans react?

The rest I have no idea what will happen! I am a free writer (no direction). If you have any suggestions feel free to comment :)


5. Exchanged Numbers

Chapter 5 – Exchanged Numbers

Kylie’s POV

‘@Real_Liam_Payne mentioned you in a tweet: @KylieGreeneOfficial you have my number and you don’t text me so I have yours, how rude!’

Message Sent to Liam – Finally got the text you wanted?

Message Received from Liam – Took you long enough! What are you up to?
Message Sent to Liam – Relaxing with my mom by the TV and eating dinner, what about you?

Message Received from Liam – Hanging with the boys, did you see the pictures from the shoot?

Message Sent to Liam – Yeah they were amazing.

Message Received from Liam – Yeah, the boys and I love them. They all say hi by the way. Is it cool if I give them your number?

Message Sent to Liam – Yeah that’s fine; just tell them to text me their names in the message so I know.

I locked my phone and within two minutes I had six new messages.

Message Received from Nialler – Could my name be Nialler in your phone?

Message Received from Louis – Lou the sass master!

Message Received from Zayn – Vas Hapennin’ it’s Zayn!

Message Received from Harry – Hazza!


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