Life in the Spotlight

what happens when two of the most famous teenagers start dating? How will the fans react?

The rest I have no idea what will happen! I am a free writer (no direction). If you have any suggestions feel free to comment :)


10. Back in the UK

Kylie’s POV

It has been a long week or so, it is now Tuesday and I am finally home. I’m glad I have the rest of the week off. On Monday I was going to be back to my busy schedule with more photo shoots, interviews and events. I decided that I’d just stay home and relax but go to the gym every day.


Tonight (Monday night) I have the One Direction Onesie launch party, so I went shopping on Sunday and got an outfit. The outfit I chose for the red carpet is, (PICTURE 1). But since it’s not for me I decided that for the party I’d wear this, (PICTURE 2).

“Hey Kylie!” All the boys said when I got back from changing.

“Why’d you change?” Louis asked.

“It’s to fancy for me when it’s not my event.”

“Come on, it’s yours too. They would not have turned out as amazing if you weren’t the model.” Liam said.

“Thanks but it’s not my time to ‘shine’.” I joked putting air quotes around shine.

I danced a little with and without Liam, everyone else drank but I don’t because if I do I won’t be able to do photo shoots. It was really fun and the boys are so funny when they are drunk. Liam only drank a little, he was still aware of his surroundings.


I woke up at six this morning since I wanted to workout. I changed into this, (PICTURE 3). When I finished my workout I drove back home and it was seven forty so I decided to have some fruit for breakfast, When I got home I took off my jacket because it was really hot and then I made my breakfast. (PICTURE 4). Once I had finished making my breakfast there was a knock at the door. 



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