Life in the Spotlight

what happens when two of the most famous teenagers start dating? How will the fans react?

The rest I have no idea what will happen! I am a free writer (no direction). If you have any suggestions feel free to comment :)


1. The Brits (edited) - Kylie’s Car, Room and Bathroom - What Maz and Jennifer look like


Kylie’s POV

My name is Kylie Greene; I’m a model and my mom is Jennifer Greene. She is one of the most famous models and actresses in the world. My mom had me when she was in her mid twenties and I’m 18 now so she is in her late thirties. When I was 4 my mom and I moved from Sydney, Australia to London for my mom’s job. I was somewhat forced into also being a model. I know most girls dream of being a model, the clothes, fame, boys, travelling and just being in magazines but it’s not always perfect. You don’t always get to have down time, which is important because always working can get you extremely stressed. I have two best friends, Zoe and Paige; we have been friends ever since I moved to London. They don’t care who I am and treat me like a normal teenage girl who goes to school and that’s all I could ask for. They also understand how busy my schedule is and we all make it work and get together as much as we can. Tonight, like always I have to go to a premiere, tonight’s event is the Brits. My mom and I always have premiers and events to go to. My mom and I are going because she is presenting an award.

“I’m sorry girls but Kylie has to go take her shower and get ready.” My mom said to Zoe and Paige since I was video chatting with them.

”Ugh, great.” I complained after my mom left to go get her dress from her room.

“Come on Ky, you never know you might run into One Direction or some other hot boy.” Paige said she is a huge One Direction fan.

“Yeah, you never know. We’ll leave you to get ready.” Zoe said since Paige had started fangirling.

“Ok, I’ll talk to you later. Bye Zo, bye Paige.” I said before I ended the chat.

I took a shower then straightened my hair and put my make up on. I had three dresses and five pairs of heels to choose from. I ended up wearing this, My mom wore this, My mom and I left the house a little after six since it started at seven. We could see camera flashes as we pulled up and I knew that I was going to temporarily blind right when I got out of the car. We were dropped off at the entrance; I waited for my mom besides the car while she came around from the other side. The paparazzi kept asking if my mom was nervous but my mom and I just continued walking and smiling until the question came out.

“Jennifer is it true that your husband cheated on you right when Kylie was born?”

“Mom, stop. Calm down, and just walk to the ballroom.” I tried to calm her.

My mom went bat shit at the man so I had to try and get her away but it’s not so easy in heels and a floor length dress. I finally got her away only to realize I wasn’t the one. I turned and saw him and he was absolutely gorgeous. Perfectly quaffed hair, perfect colored skin, perfect amount of facial hair and perfect birthmark on his neck. Liam Payne of One Direction.  

“Thank you, you didn’t need to help me.” I said to him after a couple seconds [of staring].

“No problem, it was no big deal.” He said with a smile. “I’m Liam. Kylie, right?”

“Yeah, nice to meet you Liam.”

“Am I going to see you in there?”

“Yeah, I assume I’ll see you when One Direction wins at least one award.”

“I hope.”

“Well, I’ll see you soon. It was nice meeting you, I have to catch up to my mom.” I said after there was a couple seconds of silence then started walking.

“Wait” he shouted, so I turned around. “I have to catch up with the boys as well.”

As he came closer I could hear my heart beat increase. I’ve met many hot celebrities but I don’t think that any of them had the same effect on me as Liam does, I would remember. We started walking next to each other; smiling and looking at cameras, don’t forget that we’re still at an award show! An interviewer quickly ran in front of me followed by a huge light and camera. I slightly lost my balance and Liam caught me before I hit the ground. Wonderful. This is going to be in the tabloids and thank god he caught me because I do not exactly want to have fallen at the Brits.

“I thought models were supposed to have good balance.” He said as he helped me stand back up and then walked away.



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