Family Feud: The Beginning Of The End Of The Earth

Ava Griffin is a demigod. Basically, she is half-human,and half-greek god. She is a permanent camper at Camp Half Blood, a camp where all demigods train for the hard-and normally short-life of a demigod. When Connor Alati arrives, Ava befriends him. Connor quickly learns that Ava has many layers, some that even the campers are afraid of. When Connor recieves a prophecy that has been forbidden for years, Ava and Connor are set off on a quest to save the world. And they are not guaranteed survival. With the ghastly past, horrifying present, and impossible future, Ava and Connor discover that the world is falling apart, and the gods are to blame.


5. Chiron Makes Connor My Personal Fire Extinguisher

     My mind was completely, and utterly black. I wanted to wake up, but I couldn't. The insides of my eyelids greeted me with swirling colors and shapes. My ears kept roaring, as if I was under water. Then nothing, just black. I returned, still in blackness, hearing voices, familiar voices. I couldn't feel my body, but yet I knew someone was moving me. More voices. I wanted to feel again, I was so numb, so powerless, so nothing.

     Like a trigger, that word sent images flashing through my mind at inhumane speeds. The feeling of weightlessness as I fell, the hard ground taking away the air from me. Voices, faces, taunting, laughing. Then fire. So much fire. Hatred fueling it like an overactive gasoline pump. My body was not obeying. It shot flames, so hot. They didn't hurt me. I could feel their thoughts. They wanted one thing: to kill. They laughed as they danced around, destroying everything. Trees and dryads were consumed. I felt trapped. Giddy feelings swarmed me as the flames enjoyed their tyranny. They ached to burn. They wanted to kill Mother Nature. They wanted to see it fried. I thrashed, trying to stop myself. Then a boy. Connor. The flames sensed water, and they hated him. They launched their murderous attack at him. I screamed. He disappeared. The flames instead took out their rage on Mother Nature, who was powerless to stop it. I screamed and screamed.

     No! I cried. No, no, no, no! Stop! Stop Killing! NO!

     Then water. Then black.




     I woke up screaming, my throat felt as if it was being ripped open. At first I saw nothing, just white. I payed attention to nothing but the fear and guilt that ate me from the inside out. I continued to scream and sob. Someone with strong arms tried to hold me down, but I didn't see them. Screams echoed out of my mouth until I tasted blood. Blackness swallowed me again.

     I awoke once more. Hands immediately covered my mouth and nose, suffocating me. I thrashed, unable to breathe. The hands released. I greedily gulped down the air, coughing. More blood coated my tongue, spilling down my mouth.

     "Im so sorry, Ava. We were afraid you would start screaming again." I finally took in my surroundings. I was in a room in the camp infirmary. Connor sat next to me on the bed, his eyes worried and face gaunt. Next to him sat Chiron in his wheelchair, face expression matching Connor's. I sat up slowly, taking in all the pain that coursed through me, making me groan softly.

     "Here." Chiron grabbed a glass of nectar, the liquid form of ambrosia, and handed it to me. It tasted like warm, buttery banana bread. My favorite dessert. I sighed as it soothed my throat and aching body.

     "Thank you," I said, while wiping the blood from my face. I was in the same outfit I had worn for capture the flag, minus the armor. 

     "I'm sorry I had to knock you out, Ava. You were becoming hysterical," apologized Connor. He looked at me with confusion, sadness, and regret. Maybe even a hint of fear.

     "Did all of that really just happen?" I asked. My throat hitched, but it had nothing to do with my sore throat. 

     Chiron took my hand softly. "Ava..."

     "No, please. Tell me I didn't...I couldn't have." Their eyes told me the truth. "No, no, no, no." I put my hands to my ears as I refused to listen. I couldn't have! I couldn't have killed all those trees, all those dryads. Especially Mother Nature. It was so important, so sacred. I sobbed uncontrollably, not caring how loud or terrible I sounded at the moment.

     "Ava, you weren't in control. You didn't know what you were doing-"

     "But I did, Connor!" I screamed at him. "I knew what the flames wanted to do! They always only want one thing! I can't stop them, no matter how hard I try. I am weak! A murderer! Ashley was right, she was right..."

     "No," Connor disagreed, handing me a tissue for my tears. "You are none of those things, Ava. I may not know the whole story, or what I just saw, but I know you are not a murderer. You are not weak, or stupid, or ugly, or any of those things that Ashley said about you." There was a minute of an awkward silence. Connor looked shocked, like he couldn't believe he just said that. 

     "Thank you for that Connor," Chiron said, eyeing him with curiosity. He wasn't the only one. Where did that come from? It was the nicest thing anyone has said to me since-no I couldn't think of that here. I would lose it. And probably my dinner, too. "But we need to face reality, here." Chiron turned to me and pursed his lips hard. "Ava, your curse has allowed you to commit an unforgiveable act. The dryads will never allow you to re-enter the woods. You attempted to kill several campers. I cannot be biased on this Ava. I know that you were not in control, nor did you want this power, but it has inhabited you, and the deeds have been done in your name. You are not allowed to play capture the flag. You may not participate in any activity in or near the woods. I'm sorry, Ava, but this is required."

     My jaw dropped in surprise. I regained my composure, or what was left of it. "I shouldn't even be allowed to stay here, Chiron! I told you last time that I am too dangerous for everyone else."

     "You know why you may not leave."

     "Just because I am one of the chosen ones in the prophecy-"

     "It is not the due time," he said, nodding at Connor. 

     "Chiron, he must know that he could potentially be-"

     "Ava, hush. The Three Sisters have ordained it beforehand. Not yet."

     "Whoa, whoa, whoa," Connor interrupted, waving his hands. "Can you please fill me in, here? I have absolutely no idea what you guys are talking about. What prophecy? Who's the Three Sisters?"

     "Not now, Connor," Chiron chided, causing Connor to drop his jaw. "It is late, and we have had a long night. Get some rest." Fuming, Connor took his cue and stood, giving me a look of worry once more before pulling back the curtain and disappearing. 

     "Do I have to stay here tonight?"

     "No, but there is something we need to discuss before you leave."

     "Why couldn't Connor stay then?"

     "Because," Chiron replied, looking stern, "because it is about him."




     I headed back to my cabin with heavy eyes and an even heavier heart. What had I done? I allowed my mind to replay the terrible events. It was just like the other time I lost control. I remembered everything, but could control nothing. That was the price of the burden I bore. Curse you, Hestia.

     When I had left Connor at the doorstep of Herme's cabin, the last thing I wanted was to run into her. I thought over our little encounter as I walked.

     "Hello, my child."

     I had glared at Hestia's small, child-like face. At the moment she had been in her child form, her age being around 11. Physically she appeared so. But her real age was a good 5,000 or so. What a youngster.  "I am not your child, Hestia."

     She rolled her eyes at me. "By the gods, you sure are full of hate. I chose my gift reciever well."

     "It's not a gift, it's a curse! You should know, you gave it to me!"

     "Percieve it how you may," she waved her hand dismissively. I remembered just itching to smack her. She made quite the bratty child. "But as much as you deny it, Ava Griffin, you are as much my daughter as you are Athena's. You cannot pretend otherwise."

     "I can and I will. You are not my mother, and Athena isn't either. You two destroyed my life over a silly fight!"

     "Stupid child! It was not a mere squabble! That wretched, selfish goddess Athena just had to bear your father's child. She wouldn't listen to me when I spoke of the prophecy, so blinded by her stupidity. Goddess of wisdom, hah! She should have been the goddess of arrogance. Eons ago I gave up my throne to balance things, when it was Athena who should have left! Her wisdom is perishing. Mortals no longer care for logic, only speed. And fire is fast indeed."

     At the time I hadn't realized that Hestia's voice had changed, becoming three different voices instead of one. I was so angry I hadn't payed attention. "You have lost it, Hestia. Both you and Athena deserve no throne. You are too caught up in your own self righteousness that you pretend to not notice the consequences of your actions. My life, my life was the outcome of all of that! I am nothing more than a mere pawn of your hatred. And I hate you for it." I had steamed at her, barely containing the flames that itched to jump out, to meet its maker. Yelling at a goddess was not wise, but she looked like a kid; it made her less intimidating.

     "Your hate will be the doom of us all. The other half is here, and he too, will soon hate the gods." Hestia sighed and rubbed her forehead. "You humans are so emotional. Why Prometheus gave my power to you I will never understand. Ava, you may not see it now, but the gods will need you soon. You must forgive and forget. Athena and I are not the only ones who are crumbling. The world is falling apart."

     "Oh, so you can hate Athena, but I can't hate you? Why not? I have every right to! You don't! Athena had free rights, you are bound by your marriage rule. The gods are the ones who are emotional. You all think you are right!"

     "Ava, please. I know I am right."

     "As daughter of wisdom, not you or Athena, I know that you are the most stupid waste of immortality on this planet. And you will be the downfall of humanity, not me." I had ran off, tears already spilling onto my cheeks. Hestia had vanished, not trying to call me back. I think I had hurt her feelings. Good.

     The thought of all of these problems placed on my shoulders made me dizzy and queasy. I was responsible for killing, destroying, and saving the world. Everyone hated me, I had no friends, and my life was a murder mayhem story. Okay, so maybe I did have Chiron and Connor, but once Connor knew the truth, he would hate me too. Maybe I was being a tad over dramatic, but I didn't care.

     My stomach churned more and more as my mind mercilessly replayed the images in my mind. Only two things in my mind stood out. Fear and hatred. I've been afraid of everything my entire life. The short 4 and a half years in Wisconsin were the only bits of happiness, and even then they had their qualms. I was afraid of the spiders in my room that week, the spider that I was forced to fight in the arena, the spider that killed- oh no. The thought sent another wave of horrifying images through me, making bile rise in my throat. I ran as fast as possible to the large bathroom near the cabins. I entered on the girls' side, running to the nearest stall. Illness fell upon me as I knelt in front of the toilet, reliving taco night. When I finished, I wiped my mouth on my sleeve and placed my back against the side of the stall. The cool chrome felt good against my feverish skin. I sat there for a few minutes, breathing in and out slowly, praying that my stomach would calm down.

     I stood up shakily and went to the sinks. I turned on the cold water and put my hands underneath, letting my cupped hands fill before splashing it onto my face. My reflection stared back at me in the mirror. My face was dripping with sweat and water, the color pale. There was no need for a paper towel, my face already raising steam that condensed on the mirror. I sighed, then walked out of the bathrooms. Outside was a water fountain, which I used to rinse my mouth thoroughly. I heard footsteps approach me while my back was turned. Fear struck me as I whipped around, finding myself face to face with Rose.

     "I was in the bathroom taking a late night shower," she explained, gesturing to the towel wrapped around her blonde, shoulder length hair and personal items in her hand. "I heard you, uh, get sick, are you alright?"

     I eyed her with curiosity. She must know by now what I had done, so why the kindness? "Yeah, um, I'm better now."

     "Ava," she sighed, "I know you didn't mean to hurt anyone tonight." I gasped at her. Rose was never a friend of mine, yet until Connor came she was the closest thing I had to one my age. Rose was strong, smart, more intelligent then all of Athena's children put together. Her curious grey eyes were startling against her tan skin. 

     "You do? She nodded.

     "Well, I just wanted to make sure you're okay." She half-smiled at me, then turned to walk to our cabin. I stared after her for a long time. Now, I'm sure you would think that maybe Rose's comment would make me feel better, right?

     You don't know me at all.

     Seriously, put yourself in my place. Not the best night of my life for sure. But not the worst, either. Definitely not the worst. I was too terrified to walk into my cabin, so I decided to walk down to the beach. I heard him before I saw him.

     "Why can't you just tell me what happened? I hate you! You let her die! I had to live in that place my whole life! I hate you!" Connor yelled his not so happy language at the ocean, picking up pebbles and throwing them as hard as he could.

     I approached him slowly. "Connor? You okay?"

     Connor turned around, dropping his handful of pebbles. "Oh hey. Did you hear that?" I nodded. "Oh," he replied, rubbing the back of his head with his hand. "Uh, it doesn't matter. How are you doing?"

     I bit my lip. "You want the truth or a lie?"

     "What would your lie have been?"

     "Well, I would tell you I'm only entirely depressed."

     His eyebrows shot up. "What was the truth then?"

     "I'm universally depressed."

     He laughed. "Wanna sit with me?" I nodded, sitting next to him in the sand. We listened to the lapping waves in silence for awhile, saying nothing. Finally, Connor spoke up again. "I'm sorry I couldn't help you tonight."

     "Connor, you stopped me from killing everyone. There's no need for you to aplogize. I should be apologizing. In fact, you should be running away in terror."

     He sat there for awhile, choosing his words carefully. "Maybe you're right. And I am scared. I have been scared since I had that dream in March. Look, what happened tonight scared me. A lot. But I know you weren't in control of whatever that thing was. So I'm not going to run away." I felt my eyes prickle with tears that sat on the bottom of my eyelids before spilling over. Connor eyed me. "What did I say wrong?"

     I laughed, wiping my cheeks. "Nothing. You said nothing wrong. Thanks for that, Connor."

     He smiled. "Anytime."

     "I may just hold you to that."

     "Why do people keep saying that?"



     The weekend passed uneventfully. Well, except for the dryads attacking me with branches any time I got within thirty yards from the perimeter of the woods. Oh, and I can't forget how I now sit with Connor at Poseidon's table because the kids from Athena throw food at me. Did you know that blueberries could actually blind you if thrown hard enough? Saturdays and Sundays are like weekends in the mortal world:no work or school or training. I use those days as volunteering in the pegasus stables, healing burn wounds, or climbing the lava wall. Remember how I said I had made it to the top five times now? Well, lava doesn't hurt me, so it's normally pretty easy. Connor got it too after he learned how to guard himself with water. I was so jealous. 

     Right now, I was desperately trying to wake up in my bunk. Since Friday, I have had nightmares two nights in a row. They always appear when I'm stressed. Like when Connor slammed the door in my face, or when I killed Mother Nature. I looked in my small, compact mirror. My eyes were forming bags underneath. I groaned and decided to ignore them as I brushed my long, partially curly hair. The horn for breakfast sounded, emptying the cabin. After a few seconds, I followed the crowd. In line-well not really a line since everyone stayed clear-I grabbed a bowl of Frosted Mini-wheats and sat down alone. I listened to the sound of my own chewing, gazing at Long Island Sound. I loved the open pavillion we had. It never rained nor snowed, always a moderate temperature. Perfect oatmeal eating weather. Did I really just think that? I seriously think me being a daughter of the wisdom goddess was a sick joke.

     Connor sat down beside me, smiling. I tried smiling back, forgetting that I had cereal and milk in my mouth. Bits of cereal and milk spilled down my chin. I furiously wiped my mouth, wishing I was dead.

     My face blushed a hot pink. "Can you pretend that didn't just happen?"

     Connor laughed hard. "No, that was too funny."


     "Don't worry, it was cute." Connor blushed along with me.

     "Ah, just the two I needed to see." Connor and I turned to face Chiron, who was smiling down at us. "After breakfast, I'll need you two down at the beach."

     "What for?" I asked.

     "An experiment. See you then." Chiron turned, then turned back around again. "Are you guys warm? You're faces are red. No matter, see you shortly." He waved and trotted off, his hooves echoing on the cobblestones. Connor and I shared a look of confusion. And embarassment.

     "Wonder what that was about?" 

     I shrugged. "Who knows? It's Chiron." He couldn't disagree with that.

     Breakfast passed without further incident, Connor and I eating and bouncing off ideas with each other about what Chiron could possibly want us for. Connor thought that we might have to walk on the water, which I told him was stupid. I thought we were going to have to do something more practical, like clean harpie droppings. Either way, we were not expecting the kind of "experiment" Chiron had in mind.




     As everyone departed to their seperate morning classes, Connor and I walked down to Long Island Sound. We were alone, the only noises being the waves and our breathing. We looked all around, no sign of Chiron.

     "Where's Chiron?" Connor asked, disturbing the silence. As if on cue, Chiron came galloping full speed towards us. His hooves kicked up sand, getting closer and closer without relenting their speed. He was going to run Connor right over! Wait, his steps weren't in Connor's direction, they were in mine. Connor backed away as Chiron raced past him, simultaneously pushing me into the sand. My butt broke my fall, but it still hurt nonetheless.

     "Chiron! What was that for?" I stood up, angrily brushing sand off my dark blue tee and black shorts.

     Chiron turned around, heaving slightly. "Did that make you angry, Ava?" I gave a confused look at Connor, who looked equally in the dark.

     "Well, yeah! Why did you do that anyways?" Chiron ignored me, trotting right up to me. For a second his eyes looked so apologetic. I was about to say it's okay when he raised his hand and backhanded me forcefully. I flew to the right, landing hard again. Blood trickled from my split lip. "Chiron! What the heck?" I wiped my face and winced at the sharp pain. I was getting angrier, this was not good.

     "Are you okay, Ava?" Connor grabbed my elbow, helping me to my feet. I nodded, even though I definitely was not. We both looked at Chiron like he was out of his mind.

     "Are you getting angrier, Ava?" Chiron asked as he gazed at me.

     "Am I supposed to be okay with you beating me up? Sorry if I didn't get the memo. What's this about? I thought you said we are doing an experim-" I was cut off by a small flick on the head by Chiron. Somehow, him showing such an act of immaturity made me even angrier than if he had slapped me again. This was really not good. "Chiron, you have to stop. I'm losing control..." Connor opened his eyes and started to back away in fear. Chiron's eyes widened too, but he did not retreat. He should have.

     Instead, Chiron continued his assault. But this time, he made it verbal. "You are weak, Ava. A waste of demigod blood. Athena made no wise move making you her daughter." I gasped at his words. He looked completely serious. Why was he saying this to me? My eyes brimmed with tears.

     "Chiron, do you really mean that?"

     "Yes, Ava. You are a disgrace. A sham. You are nothing but a killer. Like a flame you will pass, and become nothing."

     "Not that word again. Chiron, it's not important what you think anymore. You must stop talking." I started to shake and sweat. My own body was desperately trying to morph into freedom. The flames saw Chiron, and they wanted to destroy him. I could read their thoughts, this was really bad. Chiron was going to get hurt, maybe Connor too.

     "Chiron," Connor warned, "I've seen her change. You really need to stop. Like now."

     Chiron ignored him. "Demon child, that's what you are. An ugly spawn of selfishness and pride." Chiron's words seemed to come from my darkest, most hidden fears and insecurities. He was right. So, utterly and completely right. 

      " Now!" I choked out before I lost control. Have you ever been possessed by fire? Well, don't put it on your bucket list, okay? It's not a walk in the park. More like a walk through a forest fire. Which I'm quite adept at, wouldn't you agree? Imagine your own mind, then all of a sudden realizing there was another presence that wanted to have your mind and body all to itself. A presence that you couldn't suppress, it's evil so compelling and violent it would rip you to shreds if it forgot you were its host. That's what it's like being possessed by fire.

     It always starts with the eyes. Mine were now ablaze, white hot orbs. When I was in my fire mode, I could see, touch, taste, smell, and touch everything just fine. Well maybe not touch, that wouldn't work out so well. My eyes no longer saw Chiron as my friend. They saw him as another threat to be eliminated. The flames were eager to encompass me, spreading to every nook and cranny of my being, erasing all of me. I was no longer Ava, I was fire. My small portion of subconscious shrank to the very depths of my mind, completely trapped. I knew everything my body did, yet my judgment and will influenced none of its actions. Flames shot at Chiron, who was retreating quickly now. They missed, him outrunning them,which made the flames angrier. Chiron galloped as fast as his legs would carry him, but fire was fast. Faster. I screamed as the flames locked in on its target, knowing they had won, and fired. No pun intended.

     Suddenly, a wall of clear liquid rose in front of Chiron, saving his sorry tail. Connor pushed his hand, sending the water back to the ocean. Connor stared at me, fear and worry etched into his face. I looked at him with pity. How terrified he must be. I realized my fatal mistake too late. The flames had shifted their newly owned eyes on Connor, wondering at my interest, making him the new target. Oh crap.

     "Thank you," Chiron mumbled, breathing rapidly.

     "You had it coming, Chiron. Now what do we do?" He nodded my direction. The flames, so full of boundless wrath, took that as their cue and raised their arms to fry Connor.

     "Connor! The water, quickly!" Chiron yelled as he realized before Connor did what the flames now pursued. I felt my legs move as they ran full speed towards Connor, his face pale. When I had just lost hope of Connor living past this, water cascaded over us both. Dousing the flames, causing them to retreat in my mind, cursing Poseidon all the way. I fell backwards, landing in the sand with a thud, then passed out.

     I woke up to someone shaking me. "Whoa! I'm awake!"

    "Sorry," Connor mumbled. "You okay?"

    I sat up, mostly using Connor's hand as help, and nodded. My body was so tired, pale and sweaty. Becoming a flaming serial killer sure took a lot out of you. Connor was kneeling in front of me, eyebrows crinkled and hands slightly shaking. "Yeah, I think so. What about you? Sorry I almost killed you." 

    Connor rolled his emerald eyes. "Please, I had it under control." Despite the seriousness of the situation, I couldn't help but laugh.

    My eyes rose up to Chiron's, who was looking down at me from his stance worriedly. My laugh lost its joy;Chiron was going to get his head chewed off. "Holy Zeus, Chiron! Have you lost your mind? You almost got everyone killed with that little stunt!"

     Obviously ignoring me, Chiron turned to Connor. "Connor, would you have enough energy to do that say, three times a day?"

     "Three?" Connor asked incredulously. "Why would I need to do-oh, I see."

     "See what? What are you guys talking about?"

     "Man, for daughter of wisdom you sure take awhile to catch up." 

     "Sorry, Connor, I was a little busy trying to not morph into a fire breathing dragon." I glared at the smirk appearing on Connor's face. Honestly, never one for seriousness.

     "Ava, that was the experiment." Chiron explained. "You are going to need to learn how to use this curse for good. In case things come about..." He eyed Connor nervously. "You and Connor are to report here everyday after breakfast, to train you. We will work on you controlling your anger, and once that is accomplished, I will help you use the power whenever for whatever. Understood?" I processed that for a second.

     "Wait, so everyday I have to come here, let you make me mad, try not to explode, and if I do, Connor will just drown me? You think that is actually going to work?"

     "Oh, he's not going to actually drown you, are you Connor?" Chiron turned his head towards Connor, nodding for him to agree.

     "Well, not on purpose." Mine and Chiron's jaws dropped in unison. "Kidding! Besides, don't think of me as someone who has to nearly drown you! Think of me as your hunky lifeguard."

     "How about fire extinguisher?" Chiron suggested, rolling his eyes at Connor.

     "Sorry, Connor, I'm going with Chiron on that one. You don't strike me as the hunky type."

     Connor pouted, placing a hand across his heart. "I'm wounded. So that's that, then? Can we go?"

     "I suppose." Chiron waved his hand to dismiss us. Connor helped me up, then brushed himself off. I brushed the dry sand off myself too, since the flames somehow dried me almost instantaneously. We started to walk up the beach, feet sliding around. "Oh, Ava?" I turned to Chiron. He looked sad, but yet hopeful. "I meant none of those things I said."

     A light grin touched my face. "I know, Chiron." Connor and I continued to walk. My watch told me it was 10:30, which meant the first morning class was almost over. Both Connor and I had battle training to go to. "Do you think I'll have to have a rematch with the spider?" 

     I could almost see the cogs turning in Connor's mind as he tried to understand what I was saying. A light seemed to go off as he realized battle training was next. "I seriously doubt the campers would be that stupid."

     "I wouldn't put it past them. After all, Ashley had seen me blow up before, but she did it again."

     "True. Not the brightest girl in the camp, no offense." I laughed. "Why didn't you get mad when you were fighting with that spider? You could have killed it without a problem."

     "Fear overcomes anger. I was too afraid to get mad."

     "Why are you so afraid of spiders, anyways?" I bit my lip. The backs of my eyes ached in attempt to keep the tears at bay. I attached a fake smile to my face and replied.

     "Athena is also goddess of weaving, and she is very proudful of it. There was once a woman named Arachne who thought she was better at weaving then Athena. As punishment, Athena turned her into a spider, and all spiders since are children of Arachne. They are terrible rivals, and all of Arachne's children torment Athena's. I'm more afraid then the rest of my siblings, though." I said nothing more. If he knew the reason, what I had done-no, I couldn't think of that now. The consequences would be messy-and full of oatmeal, if you catch my drift.

     "Hey, Ava, you okay? You look pale."

     "Yeah," I lied. "Just tired." There was some truth in that, at least.

     "Don't worry, Chiron knows what he's doing. You're going to get rid of this problem, I just know it!" His face was so giddy as he took my hand reassuringly. My hand tingled, and my face flushed pink. How lucky he was, to be so careless, so positive. Sure, his mom died, and I felt for him, but he never knew her. Athena was about logic, Poseidon was a little more boisterous. I think it showed in the differences between mine and Connor's personalities. But right now, I had hope for the future. Connor and I were becoming great friends. His cool hand against my warm one erased all the sadness away. Well, almost.

     I will never be completely happy.


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