White Knight

(Harry Styles Fanfiction)
Don't look into his crimson eyes or he will over power you, make you feel a certain way, read your thoughts, almost completely controlling you. There's no escaping him. His super speed and strong muscles give you no chance of survival. He feeds on lost souls that stray too far from the clubs, devouring their happiness so maybe he could feel some of his own. Every night consists of the same things, loneliness, anger, and hope. He hates who he is. If he could change who he was he would, but there's no way out of it until Arden stumbles into his path. His plan was to make a quick kill and move on, but something much deeper gets in the way, love.


1. The Monster I Am

Prologue- (sorta) in Harry's P.O.V.~

"Please, don't kill me!" The young women screamed out in terror. Her words ripped out of my heart almost making me set her free, but the hunger and desperation quickly regained control. I looked deeply into her eyes, letting my mind guide into hers. "Hush, Hush, Little one soon you will have no pain, now be a good girl and give me your memories."  I whispered lowly almost instantly i felt her relax before her memories flooded my brain. Birthdays, Christmases, Her 3 year  Wedding anniversary, the baby boy being born, the smiles, and then the divorce, the death of the baby, the heart break. I squeezed my eyes closed wanting the memories no more, all i wanted was happiness not this depressing stuff. Ending the memory reel i pierced her neck with my razor sharp teeth and drained the blood from her body. She crumbled to the ground along with her memories, lifeless and cold.

Tears brimmed my eyes as the grief took over me. I shouldn't have killed her... but she's happier this way right... this is how it has to be. I shook my head once letting any guilt i had fall into oblivion. There's nothing i can do.

The sun began to peak over the tall buildings of London speeding up my journey home. I don't do well in the light. It's not that i like burst into flames or sparkle or anything stereo-typical, i just prefer the dark. With not a soul in sight i decided on using my super-speed to get back to my flat on the far east side of town. It wasn't long until i had locked the front door before plopping down onto my couch with a big bottle of whiskey. Sad thing is, i can drink as much as i want of alcohol but i will never get drunk. My only hope of escape from this life i'm living is taken away from me as well. Also i have tried drugs, but they have no effect either.

"Forget about me?" A familiar voice called out eerily from the dark  living room corner. Non other than Zayn Malik himself stepped into the light revealing himself to me. Dried blood dotted his skin showing that he had gotten a snack before coming here. No amount of hatred could compare to the amount i feel for him. He's the reason i am the way i am, and i'll never forgive him.

"Unfortunately i haven't but what do you want anyways?" I sneered at him hoping he'd get the point and leave. The odds were not in my favor as Zayn flashed too me, stealing the whiskey out of my hands and taking a long drink. "Never really satisfies you, at least not like human blood does. What do you say we go out tomorrow night and have a little fun with my boys and me." I knew what he had planned, more hopeless lives would be ruined while he sits and basks in the glory of it all, sorry but not my kind of scene. "I'll pass, i'd much rather waste away in my lovely apartment and spare some innocent girl's life." Zayn huffed and ran the tips of his fingers over the rim of the bottle. "One night, just one measly night to help you see the fortune you have stumbled upon."

Sudden anger intruded my body and i jumped up to face Zayn. "This isn't the fortune i had wanted and you know that. I'm in hell and you're to blame, and i don't want to ever spend a night with you sucking blood and being a monster!" I pinned him up against the wall but all he did was chuckle clearly unimpressed by my actions, which infuriated me more. "Oh Harry, don't you see you've already become a monster, now you will come out with me tomorrow night, unless you'd rather suffer this." Zayn looked deeply to my eyes and i could feel him seeping through my skin. I tried to fight him off but i was weak compared to him. My veins boiled and excruciating pain filled every ounce of my body. Screaming out in agony i crumbled to the floor clutching my arms to try and soothe the horrible burning sensation.  "Okay... Enough... I'll come... just no more!" The words came out in pants as i tried to fight through the lingering pain.

I saw Zayn smirk once before all the fire in my veins was put to ease and i could finally stand up. "Meet me at Funky Buddha club, 9 p.m. sharp, don't be late or i will be forced to find you." With that said he sat the bottle of whiskey he was previously holding onto the coffee table in front of me before walking briskly out of my flat. "God damn it!" I yelled furiously as i picked up the bottle and threw it against the wall next to me. It shattered into a million pieces before releasing it's contents on the floor.

Not caring about cleaning up the mess i made i pulled out my phone whilst checking the time. It was now four in the morning and i was exhausted not to mention the left over burning from Zayn's attack. I stumbled into my bedroom and peeled off my clothes before falling into my extra fluffy bed. I can sleep if you're wondering, but the truth is i don't need to rest but it's my only escape from reality i have left and i don't intend on losing it.

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