White Knight

(Harry Styles Fanfiction)
Don't look into his crimson eyes or he will over power you, make you feel a certain way, read your thoughts, almost completely controlling you. There's no escaping him. His super speed and strong muscles give you no chance of survival. He feeds on lost souls that stray too far from the clubs, devouring their happiness so maybe he could feel some of his own. Every night consists of the same things, loneliness, anger, and hope. He hates who he is. If he could change who he was he would, but there's no way out of it until Arden stumbles into his path. His plan was to make a quick kill and move on, but something much deeper gets in the way, love.


2. Funky Buddha Club

Arden's P.O.V.~

"What do you think? Too slutty or not slutty enough?" I stepped out from my walk-in closet to show Belle my dress. She was the final judge on what i will wear for the night. Roaming her eyes up and down my body she study the black lace dress that came down to my mid thigh but covered everything important. "Perfect, now put on your red pumps and we're ready to go!" She exclaimed anxiously as she tossed me my heels. I slid them onto my small feet before taking a look in the mirror.

My light brown Hair was curled and laid casual upon my chest, through it you could see the anchor necklace my father had given me right before he left for war. Skimming further down my body i examined the dress that showed the little curves i had and made my long legs look even better. I was satisfied with my appearance, silently applauding myself at the job well done. I grabbed my diamond red clutch and followed Belle out to the car we would take to the club. Since it was my 18th birthday, i wanted nothing special other than to have a girls night out in which i would try my first alcoholic beverage.

"There's Piper, Fleur, and Thea already holding us a place in line to enter." Belle exclaimed as she motioned in the direction of the club as she parked the car. I unbuckled before stepping out of the car then i wrapped my arm with Belle's and we made our way to the club.

"Are you all waiting for someone or what?" All three of the girls instantly turned around to meet me. "Arden! Finally you're here Happy Birthday!" Phoebe, Fleur, and Thea chorused. I hugged each of them while saying thank you. We made small talk until we reached the bouncer. "I.D.?" The buff guy asked in a deep voice. Pulling out my I.D. i handed it to him. "Hey, today's your birthday, Happy Birthday um... Arden." I smiled politely with his sudden change from big and scary to goofy and nice. He checked the other girls I.D.s then we were allowed to enter the crowded club.

Music was blaring, people were dancing, and drinks were getting passed around. It was how imagined a club would be, insane.

Harry's P.O.V.~

I left my flat around 9 to avoid meeting Zayn too early and I always loved to be late. When I arrived at the club I quickly got past the bouncer and into the swarm of sweaty bodies. I continued to walk through the crowded club until I spotted Zayn and his men watching me from the V.I.P. section. Taking one long sigh I headed straight over there.

"Nice of you to join us, Styles. Take seat and a drink." Zayn said coldly while handing me a small glass of dark red liquid. It couldn't be blood could it? I thought nervously before I brought the glass to my lips taking a sip. My senses roared to live and my throat burned for more of whatever was in the cup. How dare he give me blood to drink when we there were innocent humans surrounding us? He knew how blood makes me crazy, which is exactly why he fed it to me.

Denying my current thirst I set the glass onto a tray of a passing waiter receiving surprised looks from the men around me who I guessed were also of my kind. "Did you really just pass up a full glass of blood?" A blonde man sitting next to Zayn asked me. I nodded. "I'm just here because of him, not here to kill anybody which is the result of me drinking to much of human blood, just taking precautions."

Zayn eyebrows raised at this and he opened his mouth, "Oh really, I think my friend here needs to loosen up..." He turned to his friend beside him the one with brown quiffed hair then began to speak to him, "Liam, I need you to pick out one lucky girl for Mr. Styles here to play with tonight." The guy who I guessed was Liam started to roam his eyes over the crowd of possible candidates, and as he did I could feel my stomach drop. Mild anger flowed through my body. "That's not necessary, I won't ruin some poor girl's life because you told me to."

Suddenly Zayn's face contorted into one of dangerous seriousness. "You will do what ever I say or else I will torture your mind physically and mentally, and when you plead for death I will let you live an-"

"Found one, That girl in the Black lace dress with the red clutch." My head snapped to the direction Liam pointed to and the girl I saw stunned me. She was breathtakingly beautiful, her chesnut brown hair was curled and swayed over her shoulder with ever dance move she made, her pale skin was flawless and her lips were red and full, if I wasn't mistaken I'd think this girl was a goddess or even a vampire like me. She looked incredibly happy and looked to be having fun. There was no way in hell I could bring myself to ruin that.

"What are you waiting for, go and get her!" Zayn shouted at me. Clenching my fist I stood up and started to make my way to the beautiful girl. Since I didn't want to kill this girl, and I didn't want disappoint Zayn I came up with a plan. In order to save this girls life I would have to fake her death.


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