You Found Me

A boy kidnapped. But this is not just your average boy. He's a cute, charming, Irish boy, who belongs to an internationally famous boy band, One Direction. A girl, kidnapped as well. She however, thinks of herself as your average American girl, nothing special. Raine Lowe is taken against her will and held in an unknown location. All she knows is that she has been kidnapped and that she might not ever see the light of day again. When she's locked in a cellar, is it coincidence that she is placed in the same room the same kidnapped Irish boy she saw on the news, better known as Niall Horan?


7. Chapter 7


    We soon arrived at the hospital after a 10 minute ride. Niall and I were escorted in the large, automatic doors, where the word “EMERGENCY” glowed red. 


    “You don’t have to worry about the check in process, we have that covered already”, the receptionist told us. The woman then pushed a button and spoke into a microphone that projected her voice through every speaker in the building, “Dr. Smith and Dr. Johnson, you are needed at the E.R.”. The woman brought her hand off of the button, and turned her attention back to us. “You two are going to go with separate doctors. Dr. Smith will be with you”, she motioned toward Niall, “and you’ll be with Dr. Johnson”, she pointed at me. “They’ll address your wounds”, she simply explained.


    Niall’s doctor arrived before mine. He introduced himself and said that he’d take him back whenever he was ready. Niall turned back to me and I awkwardly wrapped my good arm around his shoulders, slightly standing on my tip-toes, to give him a half hug. He chuckled and gave me a real hug back. 


    “See you soon”, he said as he kissed me on the forehead gently. I smiled as he glanced back at me one last time before disappearing behind the swinging hospital doors. I was still watching the direction he went when my doctor, Dr. Johnson, cleared his throat behind me. He looked to be in his mid-fourties, with neatly combed dark hair. 


    “Alright, follow me”, he instructed. I did as I was told and he led me through the same double doors that Niall disappeared through. I led me down several hallways and through another set of doors, and finally into a large room. In this large room, there was a big square nurses desk, with nurses working furiously in the middle of it. All around the edge of the room were curtains hanging, covering small rooms that held a bed, an IV stand, a tv, a heart monitor, and some other tools and whatever. He led me into one of the small rooms, handed me a hospital gown, and left me alone to change.


    After I had changed I crawled into the bed and looked around the small room. There was a tv and a remote on my little bedside table thing. I started surfing channels when a woman in scrubs walked in and said, “Hello, I’m nurse Jennifer”. I responded with a, “hello” and she pulled out a tube and a needle. “I’m going to insert your IV. It’ll only pinch a little”, she smiled. Needles never really bothered me, so I sat there as she put the needle in my arm, connected it to the tube, and connected that to the bag on the IV stand. 


    “They’ll be taking you back anytime now to cast your elbow, stitch your shoulder up, and remove the glass from your hand”, she informed me, while checking her clipboard. “The medicine in your IV will knock you out, don’t worry”, she said, nicely. She walked out and I continued scanning through the channels on the television. I began to grow drowsy and pretty soon, I couldn’t keep my eyelids open. I drifted into a medicine-induced deep sleep.













Hellooooooooooooo! I'm trying to update alot because I'm not sure how much I'll be able to this upcoming week! I have a lot to dooo :(  and finals are coming upp! Gah I hate the end of the school year so much, I mean, why can't it just be like BAM summer and that be it? Oh well haha so I hope you enjoy this chapter! The next one will be up really soon, its already in progress. Love you guysss! :)






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