You Found Me

A boy kidnapped. But this is not just your average boy. He's a cute, charming, Irish boy, who belongs to an internationally famous boy band, One Direction. A girl, kidnapped as well. She however, thinks of herself as your average American girl, nothing special. Raine Lowe is taken against her will and held in an unknown location. All she knows is that she has been kidnapped and that she might not ever see the light of day again. When she's locked in a cellar, is it coincidence that she is placed in the same room the same kidnapped Irish boy she saw on the news, better known as Niall Horan?


6. Chapter 6

*Raine’s P.O.V.*


    The next few days consisted of the same things. Waking up, sitting against the wall, staring into space, getting beaten, eating what little food we have, and sleeping more. Finally, on the fourth day, Niall and I started planning our escape. 


    “I think we should see if that window is breakable”, I randomly blurted out. Niall was sitting against the wall opposite of mine and we were now staring at each other. “Maybe we can slip through it one at a time and we can get out.” His eyes still glued to me, he said, “Let’s do it” (A/N: That’s what she said) We got up and inspected the window. 


    “How tall are you?”, I questioned.


    “Urmmmm 5’7, I think?” 


    “Good, this might work. Squat down and let me get on your shoulders”, I instructed. I’m only an inch shorter than him, so we might be able to reach the window. He did as he was told and I swung leg on and then the other. Now that I was sitting on his shoulders, he slowly began to rise, using the wall to steady him. He walked toward the window, and as soon as it was in arm’s reach I began to examine it, being careful not to hurt my broken elbow. It didn’t seem very thick, and it looked large enough even for Niall to slip through. 


    “Alright, I could probably break it, but the guys outside might hear it, so we need to move fast”, I reported. 


    “Okay, but be careful, Raine.”


I pulled back my fist. 1... 2... 3!  I punched the window as hard as I could, shattering it. A few pieces were stuck in my hand but I would worry about that later. 


    “Go!”, I whisper-yelled for Niall to help me get through the window. I squirmed and wiggled until my hips were through, then I pulled my legs through. I immediately turned around to help him up. It was midsummer, so all those early morning volleyball workouts paid off when I was pulling Niall up to the window. I pulled with all my strength, and his hips finally slid through. He got his legs through, and then we were on the move. 


    “Do you have any idea where we are?”, Niall said, his accent showing through his tiredness.


    “No, I woke up in the trunk of a car and I don’t know how long I was knocked out for.”


    We were surrounded by a forest. It was beginning to get dark, so we needed to hurry. The man discovered that I had a phone a few days ago and he smashed it against the wall, so that wasn’t an option. 


    “Okay, I think our best hope is to run until we find someone, then call the police”, I told Niall, as we stood in the darkening forest. 


    “Hey, Raine?” 


    “Yeah?”, I turned toward him as he wrapped his arms around me. “Just in case something happens, I just wanted to say that... Uh.. Er, well, I think I love you”, he looked me straight in the eye. I smiled, “I think I love you too”. He too smiled and kissed me on the cheek. We parted from our hug, careful of my elbow. “I know we’ve only known each other for a few days, but it’s felt like we’ve known each other for forever”, he said as he looked at me. I laughed, “Yeah, funny how time flies”, I said. 


    We kept walking in silence. My hand found his, and our fingers interlocked. I glanced over at him to see him slightly smiling. I could see him blushing, even in the dark. I focused back on our search for civilization. My eyes scanned the landscape, until soon they found something long and black, with lines signifying the outer edges of it. 


    “Niall! It’s a road!”, I said, beginning to get excited. “It’s a road! We can follow it to get to a town or something, and we can contact the police!” We began running down the road, the fresh, evening air whipping my hair around. Pretty soon we approached a sign that read: “Green Hill, 2 Miles”. We began running again, out of plain excitement. 


    Two miles later, we were walking into a small town. The sun was beginning to rise when we opened the door of the police station. The walked to the desk at the front where a woman who looked to be in her mid-30s was sitting. 


    “Excuse me”, I said, trying to get her attention. She turned to face Niall and I. As soon as she saw our faces, she picked up her phone and furiously began punching buttons. She then put the phone to her ear and stared at us. Niall and I exchanged glances, and stood awkwardly while the woman was on the phone. Someone apparently picked up on the other end, because she began talking.


    “I have the two kidnapped kids who’re all over the news in the station. Yes, they just walked in. Yes. No, neither of them are unconscious. Yes. Yes sir.”


    And with that, the woman slammed her phone down on the receiver and turned back to us. “That was the FBI. Don’t worry, you’re safe now.” She talked on about how we’ll be taken to the hospital, and how we’ll be able to see our families soon. Next thing we knew, an ambulance was waiting outside the police station. We both were helped in, then they took off for the hospital. 




                We did it. We’re safe now.



Or are we?
















***Author's Note***

Hey guysssss! Sorry i took soooooo long to update! I've been tied up between softball and schoolwork! School is almost over and I'll be able to update like every daaaaaayyyy!! Wooh!! haha so yeahh what do you think so far? Good? Tell me what you think in the comments! Oh yeah, I was thinking about getting a coauthor? Does anyone want to?? Tell me your age and why you think you would be a good coauthor in the comments!! :D 



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