You Found Me

A boy kidnapped. But this is not just your average boy. He's a cute, charming, Irish boy, who belongs to an internationally famous boy band, One Direction. A girl, kidnapped as well. She however, thinks of herself as your average American girl, nothing special. Raine Lowe is taken against her will and held in an unknown location. All she knows is that she has been kidnapped and that she might not ever see the light of day again. When she's locked in a cellar, is it coincidence that she is placed in the same room the same kidnapped Irish boy she saw on the news, better known as Niall Horan?


5. Chapter 5


    We were awoken by the sound of a high screeching sound. Niall and I sprang apart. I realized he had still had his arms around me when I awoke and lightly blushed. But theres no time for that. We have other problems, such as the man walking into the cellar, through the metal door that was previously locked.                 

    The man was huge, and strongly built. He had a black mask on, however, so only his mouth and eyes were visible. Just like the men who took me, he too was wearing a black long sleeve and pants with combat boots. 


    “Oh, look who’s awake!”, the man said in a hateful, menacing tone. Just the mere sound of his deep voice scared me, and I knew he wasn’t going to leave until he caused pain. 

    I was still sitting on the ground when he reached down and slapped me across my face. My eyes watered as I felt my cheek sting. I cowered away in the corner, when he kicked me in the ribs. I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to bear the pain.


    “Don’t touch her!”, I heard Niall yell. I opened my eyes to see him now standing between the man and I. 


    “Aw, does pretty boy have a crush on her?”, the man said in a baby voice, which made his deep voice sound entirely ridiculous. The man took a swing at Niall but he dodged it just in time. I saw Niall’s fist ball up, ready to swing. “Niall don’t!”, I yelled. I knew that if we fought back then the man would punish even worse. But it was too late. Niall swung at the man (with what little strength he had) and hit the man in the jaw, but the man didn’t even flinch.

    “Showing off for your little girlfriend, are we? Bad choice, kid.” Just then, I saw the man pull something from his back pocket. The light coming from the window reflected off of it, and that’s when I realized he was holding a knife. And with that knife he was going to hurt Niall.


    “NO!! STOP!!! PLEASE!!!”, I screamed. “Hurt me, not him!!! Please!!” This got the mans attention. He shoved Niall to the wall and walked over to me. “Well I’m willing to take up that offer, sweetheart”, he grinned, eyes full of mischief. He face was very uncomfortably close to mine, and I could smell his fowl breath. He tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear. “The boys got me a pretty one”, he said, referring to his workers. 

    “KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF OF HER!”, Niall yelled. I could feel my heart rate speed up, as I sat there fearing for my life. The man rested the tip of his knife on my collarbone, close to my neck, ignoring Niall’s constant shouts. I tightly squeezed my eyes shut, as I felt him dig the tip in my skin, and pull the knife down my collarbone to my shoulder, slicing the skin open. The cut wasn’t very deep, but I had to contain a scream. I refused to give him the satisfaction of hearing me scream.

    The man stood up and walked to the door, turning back to face us. “Maybe you’ll learn to not fight back”, the man told Niall, who was now sitting by my side. “Oh, by the way, here’s your food. I wasn’t going to give you any, but letting you starve to death would be too easy. We like for our guests to suffer”, he laughed evilly. He then threw three pieces of bread on the ground, turned on his heel and left us in the darkness. 

    “Raine, I’m so sorry!”, he cried, trying to comfort me. “I’m fine, no big deal”, I said, but I felt slightly woozy. “I’m feeling a bit dizzy, that’s all”, I mumbled. “Here, put your head in my lap”, Niall said, and I obediently did as I was told, grimacing. “I think he broke a rib”, I said. 

    Blood was everywhere and I was shaking. Niall took off his shirt. Oh lord, I can’t handle this. “Um, what are you doing?”, I inquired, as politely as possible. “Trying to stop the blood flow”, Niall explained, a concentrated look on his face. He balled up his shirt and put it on my wound, applying pressure. 

    “It hurts!”, I whimpered. “I know, but we need to stop the blood flow, so you don’t die of blood loss”, he said, worried. “Why don’t you just let me die?” He didn’t answer, but instead gently removed my head from his lap and placed it on the ground. He moved to get the bread from the middle of the room. He gave me two, and kept one for himself. 

    “No, you can take two, and I can have one”, as said as I tried giving him one of mine. “Are you sure?”, he asked, but I could tell he wanted it. I weakly giggled, nodding. He practically inhaled the bread. It was stale and hard, but it was all we had, so I figured I might as well eat it. 





    “Thanks for helping me, by the way”, I smiled. 


    He moved over next to my laying position, bent down, and kissed me on the cheek. “Anytime, princess.”








***Author's Note*****


All I can say for that ending was "AWWWWWWWW" :) let me know what ya think in the comments!!

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