You Found Me

A boy kidnapped. But this is not just your average boy. He's a cute, charming, Irish boy, who belongs to an internationally famous boy band, One Direction. A girl, kidnapped as well. She however, thinks of herself as your average American girl, nothing special. Raine Lowe is taken against her will and held in an unknown location. All she knows is that she has been kidnapped and that she might not ever see the light of day again. When she's locked in a cellar, is it coincidence that she is placed in the same room the same kidnapped Irish boy she saw on the news, better known as Niall Horan?


3. Chapter 3


***NIALL’S P.O.V.***


    The girl, Raine, and I sat in silence. We were both leaned against the cold, cinder block wall. Our breathing was the only sound to be heard as we stared at the ground. 

    She was actually kind of pretty, with long and wavy, golden hair. Her emerald green eyes were absolutely stunning. They reminded me of one of my best friend’s, Harry Styles. I wonder if they’re sad I’m gone... 





“Hey Nialler, the other boys and I decided to go grab a bite to eat. Wanna join?”, Liam asked. 


“Nah, I think I’ll go explore, thanks though”, I replied. 


“Alright, but be careful. Call if you need anything”, he ordered, sternly.


“Okay, Daddy Direction”, I laughed out.


    I made my way down to the lobby of the hotel we were staying at. Paul made a move to follow me, but I told him that I’d be fine, and that I wouldn’t be gone long. I walked out as he finished telling me the same thing Liam had about calling if I need help. I should have accepted his offer, and I would have, if I had known what was coming.

    We were currently in the middle of our North American tour for our new album, Take Me Home. We were in Miami, Florida for the next few days, and I thought I’d wander about the city. It was scorching hot down here, but you also had to take into account that its the middle of summer as well. 

    I visited the mall, and walked around. I stopped by a store here and there, signed some autographs, took pictures, and chatted with fans. I glanced at my phone and realized that it was already 3:30 in the afternoon. Wow, time flies. It was 11:00 when I left the hotel...


    I was walking back, enjoying the fresh air. The sidewalk was in a somewhat secluded area with not many people around. Someone was walking behind me, but I thought nothing of it. 



Until I was shoved to the ground, a rag was put in my face, I breathed in sharply, and tumbled into the darkness.


                    •    •    •    •


    I awoke in a cellar. I noticed a tiny window allowing light through at the top of a tall wall. There was a door in the room, and I got up to open the door. But I could already feel the doubt creeping upon me. I reached out, my fingers grasped the door, and I tried to turn it. Nothing happened. What will the boys think? Will they try to look for me?

    I resorted to sitting down and thinking. Eventually, exhaustion pulled at my eyelids, beckoning them downward. I don’t quite know how, but I managed to fall asleep.






    And now that Raine is here, I actually have a new hope. Hope of survival. Hope of going home. And hope of true love...





**Authors Note**


THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO'S READ THIS!!!!!   It really means a lot!!!! :) Does this chapter suck? I feel like this chapter sucks.. idk why? Tell me what you think!! By the way I thought I'd throw how Nialler got kidnapped into the mix!!! :)

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