Little Leprechaun

Hi I'm Lillian Marie Horan, Lily for short. Does my last name sound familiar? Well maybe thats because I'm Niall Horan of One Directions little sister. Niall is extremely protective, especially when it comes to boys.......


4. Chapter Three


ABOUT 10:00am 

Lily's POV

Ughh! I still have no idea what to do, there are good and bad things to this. One thing is that I can FINALLY meet the rest of the band and two why  is he suddenly letting me go on tour with him and four other guys. Somethings doesn't seem right about this. Maybe I should go what can I say YOLO right? I think, I will go... better go tell him and Greg. Now time to run.

Greg's POV

What is taking Anna so long? I thought she would have been back by now. I hope she is at least there to say good bye. While back to packing. Maybe  Niall could help, maybe it will clear his mind a bit and plus lighten my load.

G: NIALL! Get off your butt and come help me!" 

N: "Fine" He groans has he gets off the couch.

Just has he FINALLY got off Lily can storming in the house.

N and G:" LILY,"  Niall and I both said while running to hug her.

L:" CAN'T BR..EATHE" We both let go of her and she just does a big sign.

L:" YES!" Niall and I both look at her confused.

G:" Lily what do you mean?" Niall and I gave her a puzzling look, she just laughed.

L:' Yes! I will go!"  We both looked confused.

N:' Tell us what you mean." I ask her.

L: I will come with you." She said with a big smile.

N:" Really, That great. Now hurry go pack." I say has I hug her and spin her around then let her go.

She than quickly ran upstairs.

G: Well, I better get going. You guys stay and finish packing, have fun." 

N:" Just wait to say by to Lily, LILY." I say screaming up the stairs.

She then comes running down.

N: "Come say by to Greg."

L:"Bye Greg, come back soon" I picked her up and hugged tightly, then kissed her hair.

G:' Don't  worry I will, now I must be going,"

I then waved goodbye and walked out the door and saw my dad waiting to drive me to the airport.

Lily's POV

Once Greg left me and Niall ran upstairs and finished packing, About four and half of one of Nialls bags I was done and so was Niall. Now we play the waiting game. 

"TIME FOR FOOD." I scream and Niall came running down fast. Now what to make?





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