Little Leprechaun

Hi I'm Lillian Marie Horan, Lily for short. Does my last name sound familiar? Well maybe thats because I'm Niall Horan of One Directions little sister. Niall is extremely protective, especially when it comes to boys.......


11. Chapter Ten

Zayn's POV

Z:" ... And we're here!" I say setting Lily down

Lily:"Why, thank you Zayn." She says giving me a kiss on the cheek

I then open to doors, and chuck my keys on the table near by

Z:"Now just make yourself at home and I will go grab you some clothes to wear." I tell her. 

I get to my room and look inside "shit" I say to myself. My room looks worst then Niall's room on a bad day. I then quickly chuck most of the garbage away, then pick up my clothes off the floor and put it in the laundry basket. I then grab Lily a t-shirt and a pair of shorts and then head back downstairs.

Lily's POV

Once Zayn left to grab me some clothes, I went to look around. As I walked into his living room, there was pictures all over the place. I went to take a closer look a lot of them seemed to be, the guys, what looked to be his family and some pictures of him when he was little. I then picked up this one picture of him and the women, who looked to be his mom.

Z:"What are you doing with that?" I immediately jumped five feet in the air.

Lily:"Holy shit! You scared me, is this you mum?" He just chuckles.

Z:"Sorry love. Yes" 

Lily:"She is pretty" I say putting the picture down

Z:"Well here some clothes, there is a bathroom down the hall, I'm going to go get changed." He says handing me the clothes

I then go to the bathroom and change as well, wipe off my makeup. Once I get back to the living room I see Zayn put some disc into his xbox.

Lily:"What am I kicking your butt at tonight?" I say with a smirk

He then just turns his head towards me and smiles.

Z:"I think you got it the other way around."

Lily:"Oh really now pretty boy. So are you gonna tell me what game yet?" I say with a laugh

Z:"Black ops, and since you say your such a expert at this game, how about we raise the stakes?" He says with a huge smirk.

L:"What you got in mind pretty boy?" I say with a smile

Z:"If I win you have to give me a kiss but if you win you can choose what to make me do. Deal?" Zayn says sticking his hand out

L:"Deal, but first do you got any snacks?" I say shaking his hand, he just chuckles and points to the        kitchen.

I then come back with a bunch of food.

Z: Wow you are related to Niall after all. Now can we get started." I just smile and nod while grabbing a crisp.


L:" Oh,oh oh, noooo. You cheated!" I say slamming the controller on the ground.

Z:"Did not! Now time to pay up."

I sighed and then slowly leaned in....

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