Little Leprechaun

Hi I'm Lillian Marie Horan, Lily for short. Does my last name sound familiar? Well maybe thats because I'm Niall Horan of One Directions little sister. Niall is extremely protective, especially when it comes to boys.......


7. Chapter Six

Niall's POV

Has I was taking pictures with fans, I look over and see Lily huging Siva Kaneswaran and smiling and laughing with him. I have to go see what up with this. "Sorry guys but I have to get going." I say waving goodbye to all of them. I then quickly run up to Lily and pull her to the side

N:" Why were you talking to Siva Kaneswaran?"

L:" Uh.. because I we kind of became friends"

N:" What?! When was this?'

L:" On the plane while you were asleep?"

N:" Well I forbid you to see him?"

L:" You can't!"
N: "I can and will, now lets go!!!'

Lily's POV

I can't believe that Niall will not let me see Siva anymore. Well I guess it will have to be in secret... for now


A/N: I know this is short, but I am busy tonight , but I wanted to give you Niall's POV, before I go... BYE


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