Little Leprechaun

Hi I'm Lillian Marie Horan, Lily for short. Does my last name sound familiar? Well maybe thats because I'm Niall Horan of One Directions little sister. Niall is extremely protective, especially when it comes to boys.......


2. Chapter One


Lily's POV

Niall and Greg: "Get your lazy ass out of bed." Niall and Greg both said jumping on my bed.

L: "Uggh! Get off of me fatty. What time is it?"

N:" Shes talking about you Greg. Oh 6:30 am"

L: "Why the fuck would you wake me up right now?"

G: "Because we hungry!" Greg said in a baby voice.

L:"So how is that my problem?" I say pulling the sheet over my head.

N: "Cook for us!" Niall says taking all my pillows.

L: "Do it yourself lazy."

G: " How about we just go out to eat?"

L: "Fine....... Let me get ready?'

G and N: "Okay" They both said in unison while plopping beside 

L: "Get out!" I said screaming at them.

G and N: "fine" they both groaned while walking out.

I quickly shut the door and then locked it. I then ran into the bathroom and started the water, i then ran back into my room and grabbed some clothes. Once I got out I did my hair in a braid going down my back with my bangs in a twist on the side of my head, I then put my hat on and did light makeup.

 About ten minutes latter.

G: "Sure took you long enough."

L: "Shut up" I say has i roll my eye and stuck out my tongue.

G:" Where do u wanna go?"

N: "NANDO'S!!" Niall said really loud, but not loud enough to wake up our parents.

We all walked outside, trying to get through the door first. We took my car because they don't have one here..

G: "I wanna drive."

I chuck the keys at him but then he missed catching them and the hit him in the face. Niall and I both laugh.


Once we got there, we found a booth in the back. We all ordered the same thing, except for the fact that Niall and Greg ordered WAY more. We were all being silent a lot more.

L: ''So Greg when are you leaving?" I say with a big sigh. 

G:'' Today at one." He says looking down at my lap.

Niall and I both just sigh.

N: "I have to tell you both something, and I need to say it now."

G: "Okay, say it" Greg says while I just nod my head chewing my food.

N:"I .........

A/N: Uh oh! Cliff hanger!!!! Follow me on twitter or kik @Ashiton_Raye or follow me on instagram @Ashie_Raye

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