Little Leprechaun

Hi I'm Lillian Marie Horan, Lily for short. Does my last name sound familiar? Well maybe thats because I'm Niall Horan of One Directions little sister. Niall is extremely protective, especially when it comes to boys.......


5. Chapter Four

Niall's POV

LiIy and I decided to have a few crisps since we have to be leaving soon. After what felt like hours we finally decided to leave, I then put all the bags in the cab while Lily said goodbye to out parents. I then walk over to our parents and quickly gave them each a hug and kiss on the cheek.

Mom: Make sure you take care of our Lillian.

N: Of course!

L: Mom! you know I go by Lily now.

D: We both know that but your still gonna be our Lillian.

Dad said has he gave Lily a bone crushing hug.

We then both went to the cab and gave them one last wave.


Once we got to the airport I quickly put on some sunglasses and gave some to Lily to put on. I quickly checked the time "12:30 p.m." I thought to myself.

N:" Lily, our plane leaves in ten!" I said has we both start running to security.

Once we got there it went by really fast, as soon has we both got through security we then started to run to the gate.

L:" Made it" Lily said has she was heavily breathing.

N: "Yeah, with two minutes to spare." I said and she just laughed.

We then both got on the plane and I could tell this was the start of a new way of life for both of us.


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