Little Leprechaun

Hi I'm Lillian Marie Horan, Lily for short. Does my last name sound familiar? Well maybe thats because I'm Niall Horan of One Directions little sister. Niall is extremely protective, especially when it comes to boys.......


9. Chapter Eight

Lily's Pov 

Once I finished getting unpacked I then heard a bunch of voices


"Really Lou, we are going out to eat?" Another one said.

"Me love me carrots!" The first voice said.

I quickly then walked downstairs and one the couches I saw four very attractive guys and Niall.

N:" Guys this is Lillian. Lillian this is Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn."

Lily:" You can call me Lily."

Then a guy with really curly hair approached me.

H:" Hey, I'm Harry, you can sit with me."

Lily:" Sure why not."

Just has I sat down:

Louis:" So tell me how in the hell can you be related to this Irish shrub over here." He say whacking Niall on the arm.

Lily:" What do you mean?" 

Louis:" Look it him, and look at you!"

Everyone than just starts to laugh, Niall then just messed up his hair.

Liam: "Now, shouldn't we get going?"


Then just like that Niall was already out the door.

Harry's POV

Wow! Niall's sister is so fit. I want her to be my mine, well curls time to do your magic.

Louis' POV

Holy carrot! Lily is really fit. Hopefully the other boys don't go after her. DAMN NIALL'S RULE! Well I guess rules are meant to be broken.

Zayn's POV

Damn Lily's so fit, even more than Perrie, hopefully the other guys don't like her either.

Liam's Pov

I am still sad about me and Dani's break up, my maybe Lily can help me get over that and we can start something new. Shit I think the guys like her too, well this can mean war!


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