Little Leprechaun

Hi I'm Lillian Marie Horan, Lily for short. Does my last name sound familiar? Well maybe thats because I'm Niall Horan of One Directions little sister. Niall is extremely protective, especially when it comes to boys.......


15. Chapter 14


Siva's POV

I look up from my phone and see Lily walking over to me, I then quickly smile.

S: Hey you look beautiful.

L: Awee thanks you're not that bad either

She then started to blush and I start to crack up with laughter.

L: I mean handsome." She says has she starts to laugh and take a seat.

S: So how has been your day so far?''

L:" Actually pretty good, Zayn and I went....

Has soon has she said Zayn I started to tense up.

L:''Never mind forget that. So how have you been?"  She say with a smile

S: Since yesterday? Good" I say with a slight chuckle.

Lily's POV

I notice Siva started to tense up as soon has I said Zayn,so I thought it was better just to stop.

I look up at Siva and then feel my phone vibrate, I quickly read it, INCOMING CALL NIALLER :P

L:" Sorry I gotta answer this it's Niall."

S:"Of course love go ahead." 

Phone convo

N: Hey Lilz

L: Hey Ni , What did ya need?

N: I wanted to see if you can get to the studio right away management wants to speak to you.

L: While I am kind of busy

N: Doing?

L: You know what nevermind, I'll be there in ten.

N: Okay I'll text you the address. Bye for now Lilz 

L: Bye, Love you

N: Love you too 


L:"I'm so sorry, but I really need to go Siva."

S:"Why? Is something wrong?"

L:"No, meeting with management."

S:" Oh I see. Would you like a ride there?"

L:" You don't have to do that"

S:" Well I don't think you will be able to call a cab in  that weather."

I then look out the window and see just paps.

L:" Umm.. yeah I think I will take the ride deal." 

S:" Haha okay lets see if we can get through the back."

Has we walk to the counter, they let us go threw the back right away. Once we go to the car we didnt really talk, other than me telling him the address.

Once we go to the studio.

L:"I had fun for the fifteen minutes we spend alone."

S:" Yeah, maybe we can do that again, but longer and more private?"

L:"Yeah I would love too, now I have to go bye." I say giving him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

I then got out of the car and walked inside to face the wrath of the One Direction management.

A/N: Yeah I know I rarely update, just kind of didn't feel up to it. SORRY :/

Anyways my next update is this WEDNESDAY! so um yeah. 



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