Underworld Of Dead Souls (Shinee)

Eun Mi Soo Is a girl who got betrayed by her boyfriend and by an accident she died by a car accident. She ended up in the underworld of dead souls and got a dark angel for herself. Key. The most important thing she has to remember not to trust anyone or anything. She had 2 opportunities to choose between. To be born again or to stay in the underworld of dead souls for ever. The relationship between Key and her build op, but the day she had to make her decision, she suddenly chose something Key didn't expect. She wanted to betray Key, like she got betrayed by her ex-boyfriend. She thought that if she stayed, it only would be a matter of time before he betrayed her, so she took the chance and choose to be born again. She became cruel. 25 years later, she committed suicide. She wanted to go back to the underworld of dead souls. She closed up her heart and never trusted anyone anymore. What will she choose this time? Will there be someone to open up her heart again? Or will it stay closed?


4. Passing The Test.



I didn’t see any reason to not choose to be there. I actually really wanted to stay there. In my past life I got betrayed, mopped and was told that I what a good for nothing child every day, every second. But when I was there I was well known, and not on the bad way.

I got about a month ago that when I had decided I had to tell it to my dark angel, which was Key. I jumped three times in a row, and waited for him. This time I didn’t wait ten seconds but only one second before he suddenly appeared right in front of my face. I didn’t get scared anymore when he did that. I was kind of used to it now.

“I’ve decided.” I told him. He suddenly came closer to my face. I didn’t move, but just looked at his black scary colored eyes.

“I shouldn’t be saying this as your black angel, so I’m not. I’m saying this as your boyfriend. Please, don’t leave. Stay with me. I need you. Please, don’t go and stay beside me.” Key whispered in my ear and gently kissed my lips. It was hard to see the sincerity in his eyes when they were black.

Those sentences he said to me, got me to remember the past. That was exactly what I told my ex- boyfriend. He promised to never leave me, but he didn’t keep his promise. He betrayed me. The tears formed in my eyes, and was about to roll down my face. What should I do now. I wish Key never said that to me.

“I wish to be born again.” I said and pushed him away. I gave him a disgusted face to look cool and strong. But I wasn’t. I choose to be the one betraying this time. I wanted to try how it felt to break the other parts heart. If I chose to stay, it would only be a matter of time before I got betrayed. This time I took the first step.

He looked at me with a surprised look, like he never thought that I really would choose that. But on the other side, he didn’t look so sad. He didn’t look like his heart was breaking. Not that I meant that much to him, but since he wanted me to stay, shouldn’t he look heartbreaking at this moment?

“I guess you’re really smart Misoo. Good. You passed the test. You didn’t trust me, which is good. Don’t trust anyone Eun Mi Soo. As you want, I’m going to obey your decision.” Key said laughing.

I passed the test? Was it a test? I’m sure my brain was praising me right now. I didn’t know if I was supposed to feel happy or sad. Everything was confusing.

I had eye contact with Key until he suddenly clapped with his hands and everything became black. I felt tired and suddenly got down on my knees and slowly closed my eyes. The last thing I saw was blood dripping on my hands.

Twenty five years later…

I finally finished telling about how I ended here. I got new parents and was born in another town. Everything had changed except from me.



Authors Note: Sorry, that it’s so boring up to now! I promise that in the next chapter everything will become more exiting!! Thanks for reading and please keep on. Please, tell me is there’s anything you don’t like or if you have any ideas I can add or what you think about my fanfic up to now! Byyeee lovely readers! :D :D 



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