Underworld Of Dead Souls (Shinee)

Eun Mi Soo Is a girl who got betrayed by her boyfriend and by an accident she died by a car accident. She ended up in the underworld of dead souls and got a dark angel for herself. Key. The most important thing she has to remember not to trust anyone or anything. She had 2 opportunities to choose between. To be born again or to stay in the underworld of dead souls for ever. The relationship between Key and her build op, but the day she had to make her decision, she suddenly chose something Key didn't expect. She wanted to betray Key, like she got betrayed by her ex-boyfriend. She thought that if she stayed, it only would be a matter of time before he betrayed her, so she took the chance and choose to be born again. She became cruel. 25 years later, she committed suicide. She wanted to go back to the underworld of dead souls. She closed up her heart and never trusted anyone anymore. What will she choose this time? Will there be someone to open up her heart again? Or will it stay closed?


5. My New Dark Angel.


Twenty five years later…

And that’s how I ended up here. Even though it’s a really long time ago, I can still remember everything very clear, like it was yesterday. When I was about ten years old I began to have flashbacks about it. I didn’t tell anyone about it or searched for help. When I was twelve years old, my head began to hurt very much and I began to have very scary dreams. When I was fifteen, I remembered everything. Everything streamed back into my brain. And from that moment on and up until now, I’ve been closed up. I don’t know why, but from everyday I began to close myself more and more up. I began to be one of those lonely people that hates to be around people. People around me thought that I had a disorder or something.

The memories wouldn’t leave me alone. I thought of them every day.

And here I am. At the beach in by myself in this cold weather. Well, it was November, so.

Why? Why am I always like this? Why couldn’t I be a normal girl, with many friends, a good family, someone taking care of me and just live happily? Maybe my destiny was, to stay in the underworld of dead souls. Maybe, that was best for me. Was it?

 I reminded myself why I ended up in that world in the first place. It was his fault. I wanted to go over to him. Be with him. But instead I ended up there. Maybe that was hell? Was I really that bad of a human? Why didn’t I end up with him? Maybe we weren’t meant to be. Maybe we weren’t the couple made in heaven, like I thought?

Should I just die?

I don’t have any reason to live? So I could just drown myself in the ocean that I was looking at. I got scared and cried of thought of killing myself. Of committing suicide.

I was happy in that other world. Not like here. I want to go back.

I got up from the sand I was sitting at and slowly began to walk towards the blue shining ocean. The heavy wind was blowing on my face and hair. More and more I could feel my jeans and my very big and long sweater getting wet. I was about five to six meters in the ocean right now. The water was up to my knees right now. I stopped and breathed very deeply, not to panic. The water was very cold, and I got goosebumps. I just stood there shivering. I continued walking, and decided not to stop anymore, because if I did, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to walk anymore.

I got deeper in the water, and in the end I ended up deep, deep under the water. I didn’t have that much oxygen left in me to survive, which was my plan to start with. I don’t know how, but when I placed my hand my cheek slowly, I found myself crying blood. I opened up my eyes of the shock, but quickly closed them again. I didn’t have any energy left in my body anymore.

I was ready to

“Good morning, Misoo-Shii, or maybe should I rather say goodnight?” A deep voice said with a slice of laughter. I slowly opened my eyes, and already knew where I was. I turned around and looked at the person who was talking with me. I got shocked of how beautiful he was. I could say so much about his eyes since they were black, but they were shining. Not like how my keys eyes were. No this one’s eyes are shining brightly. His lips were perfectly formed and were very bright-red colored, like he had lipstick on. His nose was very sharply formed, but on a very cute way. Even the form of his face is perfect. And now over to his body. His body was just to drool over. The form of his body couldn’t even be described. I could imagine his abs under his shirt, out of the figure he had. His arms were very big, because of his muscles. But not that big, then it would be disgusting. His hair straight, mixed with a slice of curls, and covered a bit one of his eyes. It was a very handsome haircut.

He was just perfect.

Without making it obvious that I was very shocked because of his handsomeness, I just gave him a normal who-are-you and confused expression. “You properly wonder who I am, right?” He said giving me a smile. I didn’t repay his smile, and didn’t get to answer too, before he opened up his mouth to say something else. “My name is Jonghyun, and your dark angel. I got informed that you’ve already been here once, so I don’t need to waste my time to tell you the rules you already know. I will show you your new house, shall we go Misoo-Shii?”  Jonghyun said while smiling the whole time. I don’t know why but I felt like slapping his perfect face. Key always used to speak with me in respect, but Jonghyun was just a arrogant, spoiled child. That’s what I already could feel about him. I also felt that he was going to be annoying, that was what his attitude was showing.

I’m excited how, my life here was going to look like, with him as my dark angel.


Authors note:

Hello my lovely readers! <3 ^.^  I hope that this capital, will be more exciting for you! Please keep on reading, don't leave me!! Just kidding... -.-'' If you have some ideas or something you want me to notice, please comment! :-D I will answer!! I apologize for there are some spelling mistake, but i'm trying my hardest!

Byeee, for now!  :D :D

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