Underworld Of Dead Souls (Shinee)

Eun Mi Soo Is a girl who got betrayed by her boyfriend and by an accident she died by a car accident. She ended up in the underworld of dead souls and got a dark angel for herself. Key. The most important thing she has to remember not to trust anyone or anything. She had 2 opportunities to choose between. To be born again or to stay in the underworld of dead souls for ever. The relationship between Key and her build op, but the day she had to make her decision, she suddenly chose something Key didn't expect. She wanted to betray Key, like she got betrayed by her ex-boyfriend. She thought that if she stayed, it only would be a matter of time before he betrayed her, so she took the chance and choose to be born again. She became cruel. 25 years later, she committed suicide. She wanted to go back to the underworld of dead souls. She closed up her heart and never trusted anyone anymore. What will she choose this time? Will there be someone to open up her heart again? Or will it stay closed?


10. My First Kiss.



“3… 2… 1… Start!” Key yelled and threw the ball. Jonghyun and I broke our eye contact and focused on the game instead.

After some time, we ended up 9/8 to me. Just one more goal and I would win.

“9/9 to Jonghyun!” Key yelled and panicked. I got lost in my thoughts and didn’t focus. I cursed and looked at Jonghyun and he looked at me with a smile. I ignored him. I had to win if I didn’t want to go on a date with him.

I suddenly had the ball! I had the chance to win! Nothing could stop me now, I was going to win!

“I love you.” Jonghyun suddenly said. My heartbeat fastened and I looked immediately at him. The color of my cheeks slowly changed. But then it happened.

“10/9 to Jonghyun. We have a winner…” Key said disappointed. I looked from Jonghyun and back at the ball chocked. No, it can’t be happening! How could I lose myself, just because he said that! He did it on purpose.

“Saturday, 8’o clock.” Jonghyun said and blinked at me, while leaving. I was still chocked of the news. I looked behind me and noticed that Key left. He wasn’t around.

Today was supposed to be a romantic date alone with Key, but didn’t turn up as I wanted it too.

*Bank, Bank*

Someone banked at my door and I wondered who it might be. I opened the door but closed it right away after seeing who it was. It was Jonghyun. What was he doing here, and why is my heart banking so fast!? Why did I close the door? Maybe because it was in the middle of the night and it would be weird for a player to suddenly turn up at a single girl’s house this time.

“Misoo-ahh! Open the dooooooor! I knooow you are in thereeee!” He yelled and banked at the door. Wait… Was he drunk!? I wish he would stop all the banking and yelling, he was about to wake the entire neighborhood up! I sighed and opened the door. I didn’t have any other choices.

The smell of alcohol was so strong! I closed my nose with my fingers and tried to breathe through my mouth. He came in and walk towards me. He smiled and gave me a hug. I closed the door and tried to push him away, but he was too strong.

I could feel his abs under the shirt he was wearing and thought that my heart was going to explode. I could feel one of his hand getting down under my sweater and the hit other hand down under my jeans. I got a chock and pushed him away. I yelled at him but when I opened my mouth, he found a chance to kiss me. I got chocked and looked at him with big eyes.

He tried once again to touch my ass, so I gasped out of chock. He found a chance more to put his tongue into my mouth. I didn’t know why but I suddenly closed my eyes and enjoyed his tongue massaging mine, and him touching my body.

I suddenly thought of how wrong this was and opened my eyes again, and pushed him away. I yelled at Jonghyun but suddenly he just fell down. He felt asleep. I just looked at him and thought of what happened.

Why me?

Why did he come to me while he was drunk?

Why did he kiss me and make my heart jump so fast?

Why did he steal my first kiss!? It was my first kiss in this life time!? I wanted it to be with someone special!!


I went over to him and with all my strength I took him up on my bed and putted blanket at him so he didn’t freeze. I looked at his beautiful sleeping face.

“You look like a cute little puppy when you are sleeping with your mouth shut.” I whispered and smiled. It wasn’t a lie though. I placed my finger on his forehead and let my finger slide down from his forehead to his nose, so the cheek, and lastly his lips. How can a human be so beautiful?

I shook my head and told myself to fall asleep. I couldn’t sleep at the same bed as a man… And I couldn’t let him sleep at the floor, so I just slept at the floor. Without a pillow without a blanket, nothing.

I just slowly closed my eyes and slept.

Slept thinking of him.



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