Underworld Of Dead Souls (Shinee)

Eun Mi Soo Is a girl who got betrayed by her boyfriend and by an accident she died by a car accident. She ended up in the underworld of dead souls and got a dark angel for herself. Key. The most important thing she has to remember not to trust anyone or anything. She had 2 opportunities to choose between. To be born again or to stay in the underworld of dead souls for ever. The relationship between Key and her build op, but the day she had to make her decision, she suddenly chose something Key didn't expect. She wanted to betray Key, like she got betrayed by her ex-boyfriend. She thought that if she stayed, it only would be a matter of time before he betrayed her, so she took the chance and choose to be born again. She became cruel. 25 years later, she committed suicide. She wanted to go back to the underworld of dead souls. She closed up her heart and never trusted anyone anymore. What will she choose this time? Will there be someone to open up her heart again? Or will it stay closed?


3. Changing Things


“Your breath stinks.” I said back at Key. I regretted deeply what I said. My head was properly cursing at me right now. But either way, I just wanted him to get away from me.

Key looked at me with a confused look on his face and I could already guess what he was thinking. “UNBELIEVEABLE” Was what he properly was thinking right now. He took a step back without changing the look on his face.

I actually lied. His breath had the scent of a rose. A rose that just got born and was in the middle of spreading all its scent, all over the world. A new born rose.

He suddenly began to laugh. I looked at him with a surprised look. He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to me. ”You’re really funny” He said laughing. He couldn’t make it more obvious. It was so obvious that it was fake. What did he want? Why couldn’t he leave me alone?

I panicked until I felt like there was a light shining above my head, when I suddenly got an idea.

“Kiss me then.” I said giving him a serious look. He looked shocked but didn’t even move a bit.

“Since you keep coming closer to me and don’t leave me alone, then why don’t you just do what you had on mind to start with.” I said to him, still looking rough.

It actually wasn’t what I wanted too. Of course I didn’t want him to kiss me, but I didn’t want to live as I did in my previous life. Since I properly was gonna stay here for some time, I could try changing the things in my life. Changing me.

This time I wouldn’t be the little shy girl everybody looks down at and bully. No. This time I would be bigger than biggest. The only one everybody looks up to, and the one they doesn’t even dare say a word to.  I’m not gonna live in fear this time, but I’m gonna be the one everyone dreams to be.

That’s why I did it.

I told Key to kiss me. But what I really meant to tell him was “Let me use you only this time”

 I wanted to use him to make me not live in fear anymore. No matter how much I felt uncomfortable, I had to. I didn’t really think that he really would do it but he did.

He kissed me, and told me “You’re a smart girl.” I liked what he said. I wanted everybody to look at me that way. He continued kissing me, and from that moment on my whole life changed.



Twenty five years later…

I was still at the beach, looking up to the sky and fishing in my memories. I know that I was supposed to tell shortly how I ended here, and what that happened that time. But it’s kind of hard to when every detail is important. This time I will really try to tell shortly what happened.

After six and a half month later, I got to know many people and Key and I was still together. After all he was my dark angel. Everything got easy for me. Suddenly there were no problems in my life anymore. It became easy as nothing to live at that time. I could feel that my social life also got better. Many people had respect for me and I also dated many people, even though I had a relationship with Key. At first I was known as Keys girlfriend, but know I’m known as the girl everyone want to be. Known as the big Eun Mi Soo. Mine and Keys relationship was very complicated. I date many guys and Key doesn’t have a problem with it, and he does the same thing. We both didn’t have any problems with seeing other people while we are together. Many people had much respect for me and Key. They call us the unstoppable couple. Once in a day (mostly in the afternoon) me and Key meets, and make our. Our relationship wasn’t more than this. Maybe it wasn’t as complicated after all.

Anyways…  Today was an important day for me. Today was the last day for me to choose if I wanted to be born again or live here permanent…

You will be surprised.

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