Underworld Of Dead Souls (Shinee)

Eun Mi Soo Is a girl who got betrayed by her boyfriend and by an accident she died by a car accident. She ended up in the underworld of dead souls and got a dark angel for herself. Key. The most important thing she has to remember not to trust anyone or anything. She had 2 opportunities to choose between. To be born again or to stay in the underworld of dead souls for ever. The relationship between Key and her build op, but the day she had to make her decision, she suddenly chose something Key didn't expect. She wanted to betray Key, like she got betrayed by her ex-boyfriend. She thought that if she stayed, it only would be a matter of time before he betrayed her, so she took the chance and choose to be born again. She became cruel. 25 years later, she committed suicide. She wanted to go back to the underworld of dead souls. She closed up her heart and never trusted anyone anymore. What will she choose this time? Will there be someone to open up her heart again? Or will it stay closed?


7. A White Circle...


It’s 4 o’clock, right now. I’m just laying on my bed thinking. I thought of what happened a couple of hours ago. When Jonghyun, whispered in my ear. It’s not that I’ve fallen for him, but why couldn’t I just slap him. Tell him that I didn’t like when he did that, even though it was the first time. I’m afraid that he’ll do it again, and if he does, what should I do. “Why are you thinking so hard? Stop it already!” I said to myself and hit my head. I slowly closed my eyes and tried to sleep, instead of spending the whole night thinking about useless things.

I slowly opened my sleepy eyes again. Not because the sun was shining in my eyes, there is no mornings here, remember? But because, of the noise my phone made. I took my phone and saw someone had called me at least five times. It was Herae-ahh. I hurried up calling her back. Something might had happened.

“Heey, Herae-ahh.” I said with a worried voice.

“YAH!! WE WERE SUPPOSED TO MEET ABOUT TWO HOURS AGO!!!” She yelled in my ear. I seriously thought that my ear was going to burn, and melt away. She was right. How could I forget it! I slept over me. Why, did I have to be such a heavy sleeper!

“Sorry Herae-ahh! You know I’m a heavy sleeper! Sorry! I’m going to hurry up over to you! Sooorryy!” I apologized to her and started to change clothes. I got ready in three second and ran all the way over to her. I could see her from afar, but she wasn’t alone. Guess who else was here… Jonghyun!

When I got there, I caught my breath, and could feel them both looking at me strangely. When I had enough oxygen, I got ready to yell at Jonghyun, once again.

“YAH! Why are you here!?” I yelled and asked him. Without answering with words, he just held her hand, and gave me a sign to look down at their hands. I understood what he meant. He meant that, now they are dating, so now he’s supposed to be with her the whole time, which means that everytime I’m with her, he’s there too. Hell no.

I sighed, and gave up. “Shall, we go, or what?” Jonghyun said giving me an annoyed smile. I repaid his annoying smile, and just walked.

They were both so annoying! Every time I looked over to them, they were like kissing and hugging. I made puke sound, every time to annoy them.  I told them that I had to go to the bathroom, and that they should wait for me. I had to yell it a few times before they heard me.

Actually I lied. I didn’t go to the bathroom but I just went to the bridge behind the little store we were in right now. I used to go there with Key, all the time. I liked it over there. It was so peaceful, and you felt like you were a part of the wind.

When I got there I looked around and remembered all the good times with Key. I didn’t have feelings for him then, but suddenly I miss him much, that I want to cry. “Good times we had here, right Misoo-shi?” A deep, warm voice sounded behind me. I couldn’t believe it! It couldn’t be him, right!?

I turned around and saw him. Right in front of my face! Just like the first time we met! He was a few centimeters in front of my face. I could feel his warm breath.

“Key!” I yelled and hugged him. But pushed him away quickly again after three second. “You haven’t changed, have you!? You still do that!” I yelled but laughed at the same time. Key was laughing too. I missed his warm, lovely handsome smile of his.

“The reason why I didn’t stop you then, was because, I knew that I wouldn’t be the last time we would meet. And I had right.” He said and made my heart explode. He was about to give me a kiss, but didn’t get to. I closed my eyes and waited for his gentle, soft lips to touch mine, but they never touched. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Jonghyun holding onto Key. What just happened? Where did he come from, and most important, why is he holding Key tight like he wants to hit him?

They were both scary.

Key also grabbed Jonghyun, so they were just standing there. Ready to hit each other, any second.

But why?


They gave each other the killer look. Their eyes, changed. A little white circle formed in their eyes, with made them look scarier than ever. I didn’t know that their eyes could change!

What is happening?

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