My summer love<3

Jade and her friend Jessie are going to England for summer, they run into a couple guys that steal their hearts<3! Enjoy and comment


5. What now???

 later we go to bed and i herar a knock at my door...

Jade: YES???

Zayn: can i come in?


Zayn: erem ehmmm...

jade: you l.ook nervous.

Zayn: I wanted to ask you if...*changes what he was going to say* you wanted some tea.

Jade: sure two sugars.

****zayns pov

crap I blew it I had  my chance to ask her out and I blew it ugh.This sux! well better go make that darn tea now.:(

*****jade ppov

omg omg omg I thought he was going to ask me out! well serves me right he can have anyone he would never pick me.

*reality again**

Zayn: here you go babe*hands her cup

Jade: thanks.

Zayn: so jade what I wanted to  ask you is will you go to the movies with me on Friday??

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