My summer love<3

Jade and her friend Jessie are going to England for summer, they run into a couple guys that steal their hearts<3! Enjoy and comment


4. Are you staring at me.......

previously on My summer love<3~ Whats your name? Jade.......

Zayn: nice to meet you(kisses hand

Jades pov~~

Omg i can feel my slf blushing he is hottt jesus boy be smoking!!~~


She is so cute and her eyes the dark brown and her beautiful curls that bounce perfectly.

Niall:So jade we have met you but whos your beautiul friend??\

Jade:o rite thats the awful singer jessie.

Jessie:its true i do suck at singing!

Niall: dont say tat im sure your fine.

Jade: are you really sure its like a diyin Nar-Whale

Jessie: i will cuuuut you

Jade: ok well me and jessie are going shoppin so c u all l8ter!!!


***********************all boys in zayns room****************************\

Harry:so zayn you said no pretty fast someone have a crush much??

Zayn: whhhhhhatttt?


(girls walk in)

niall:hey ladies

Jessie: heyya whatch doing?

Louis: talking bout zayns cru-


Jessie:cool there no seats left.....

Niall:you can sit on my lap only if you want to tho...

Zayn:Jade you can take my seat

Jade:nah its ok i will just sit on you im not 1100000 pounds i think

Louis:HaHa you made a funny

all boys look at him weirdly...

Liam:danni is coming so i cant wait till she gets here!!!!!!!!!



Danielle:hey boo boo

Liam and dani go out to dinner.

Niall:so jessie do you ummm want to go out to nandos with me.

Jessie:only if you give me a piggy back ride to the elevator

Harry:me and lou are going to a movie bye.


Jade and zayn are the only ones awake....0_o

Zayn:soo tell me bout yah

Jade: umm i have two sisters one big bro mum and dad and a dog sam

Zayn: cool do you want something to eat?

Jade: yah but im A vegan so no meat


***ten min later


Zayn: thanks heres 2 bucks bye..

Jades pov~~

he is so cute its un beliveable wow he got a crap load of food!!!!

Is he staring at me?


Zayn:jade your eyes are incredible

Jade:awww your so sweet

Zayn: jade do you have a boyfriend?

Jade:umm no accturally i just got out of one he cheated on he so yeahh

Zayn:oh im sorry i didnt mean to-

Jade:its fine

zayn starts leaning in to kiss her they are inches apar-

Louis-IM HOME!!!!!!!!


Louis- did i interrupt sorry im dr evil muhhahhahahahaha

Zayn- ummmmm ok?






Sorry wasnt as good! just got home from soccer. i love sports!!! ok any requests?? just leave your info fan me so you cann get it back thx BYEZZZZ i might updae la8er so yeahh...<3 ya


Jade:umm thanks

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