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6. Zoe and Harry

You and Harry have been dating for three years now. You loved him and he loved you. One day you two were at his parents house. They invited you over for a family movie night. You were going to watch The Lucky One. Harry had left the house to get something that he forgot. His parents had left to also go pick up something. So now only you and Gemma were left there in the house.

Harry is really in love with you. Gemma told you.

No, really? You said sarcastically. 

Zoe. Im serious. He really loves you. 

Me too. He is literally my world. You told Gemma in a dreamy voice.

I know. Now lets get the snacks. She told you. You both got out ice cream, chips, and soda. 

Perfect. Gemma said. 

This night is incredible. You told her. Suddenly Harry and his parents walked in. They looked rather happy. A little too happy. Hello love. Harry told you. 

Hey babe. You responded. 

I got these for you. He told you handing you a bouquet of flowers.

Harry they are beautiful. You told him. Thankyou. 

Your welcome. Soon all of you started watching the movie. An hour and a half it finished. 

I'll be right back. Harry said.

Ok babe. You responded. 

Sooo Zoe. His parents said. How are things with Harry? 

Oh, they are great. I really love him. He means the world to me.

That's good to hear. They say. Soon Harry walks into the room.

Zoe can you please come with me. He asked you.

Sure. Why? 

Because I want to give you this. He says again. Now pulling your dirty blond hair over to the right side of your neck.


First he leaned in and kissed your neck. His soft, red lips kissing your nech. His hot breath tickling it. 

Harry. You say.

Yes love. He responded. You couldn't say anything. You were mesmerized. He's acting so. Wow. The next thing that he does is put a beautiful necklace on you. It was a half heart. And simply beautiful. 

Harry. Was all you could say before he crashed his lips onto yours. Hey moved in sync. It was perfect. Sadly he stopped. He looked at your brown eyes. 

What is Liam without Toy Story. Zayn without his mirror. Louis without his stripes and suspenders. What is Niall without food. And what is me without you. Zoe I have loved you for so long and I feel that I can never live without you. I need you. I want you. I love you. Would you do me the honor of being changing your last name and be Mrs. Styles? He asked. He showed you a ring that left you breathless. 

Of course. You said full of joy and kissed him even better than before. Now you could this all the time. Amazing!!!!

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