Sweet imagines about he lads and you guys. Please if you :D:Pwant one feel free to comment the following.
Hair and eye color
1d guy
Personality and any fun fact(if you want)
Thanks you guys :P


3. Zayn and Adelis

You and your boyfriend Zayn have been dating for the past 2 months. Finally it was time for him to meet your parents. He was very excited because you were half Ecuadorian. 

Buenos dias senor y senora Carabali. He kept saying that the whole day.

Shut up. Zayn you're giving me a headache. 

Sorry, love but I want to make a good first impression. 

Look, they'll love you ok. You told him kissing his lips. 

Alright. He responded. You two were going to meet your parents in IHop. You finally got there. Before you went inside zayn looked at you nervously. 


Yes babe.

Um I don't know if I can go this. 

It's ok just be you. You went inside and found your parents and your older brother sitting down. 

Buenos dias senor y senora Carabali. 

It's ok you can speak English with us. Your dad told him.

Ok great. He responded. You took your seat next to your mom and Zayn took a seat between your dad and brother. You all had an amaZayn day. Zayn was pretty cool around your parents. It was always in you that he fit right in your family. You two were perfect together. =)

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