Sweet imagines about he lads and you guys. Please if you :D:Pwant one feel free to comment the following.
Hair and eye color
1d guy
Personality and any fun fact(if you want)
Thanks you guys :P


1. Louis and Georgette

Louis stop it you're gonna get my new dress dirty! I yell at my boyfriend Louis. He can really act like a 2 year old sometimes, but I still love him.

No, come over here. He said chasing you around with a big chocolate spoon. You were baking a cake. He kept chasing you. Finally he pushed you down onto the couch. He layed on top of you. He spread chocolate all over your lips and he did the same to his.

Come on, I know you want some. He teased.

I know you want some. You mimicked. He didn't take it anymore. He lowered himself onto you closer each second.

Come on G, I know you want to taste the chocolate. He pouted. 

I don't know. Let me think about it. You teased. Finally your lips crashed onto each other's. You felt the chocolate.

You taste so good. You tell Lou. 

You too babe. He then got off of you and you sat on the couch.

I love you. He said.

I love you too. You replie. He rest of the night you eat the cake and cuddle together. You really have the best boyfriend ever. And the best part, he loves you more than anything in the entire world. (Maybe even more than his carrots! ;))


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