Sweet imagines about he lads and you guys. Please if you :D:Pwant one feel free to comment the following.
Hair and eye color
1d guy
Personality and any fun fact(if you want)
Thanks you guys :P


2. Lauren and Niall

You and Niall have been the best of friends since who knows when. You always helped each other out. The only problem was that you liked him. A lot. Well, tonight you tried to forget about that because it was your annual school talent show. You and Niall were going to sing and play the guitar to a song that you both wrote. It was called More Than This. You both got to the talent show in Ireland. Once you did you saw that Niall was acting very strange. He also looked very nervous.  Weird, usually Niall is very happy and full of energy.  Sometimes too much energy. 

Niall are you ok? You asked him.

Of course. Why doyou say that Lauren? He responded. 

Oh nothing you just look a bit tense. 

Well don't wory im fine.

Ok. You both waited backstage to be called on.Finally you did get called on. Niall still looked a bit tense so before you got on stage you took his hand and told him to calm down. Once you got onstage you both took your seats and sat down. Got your guitars out and started to sing.

The song:

Im broken do you hear me 

Im blinded

But you are everything I see.

Im dancing alone 

praying that your heart will just turn around.  

You both kept singing when midway in the song Niall stopped. 

Niall whats wrong. You whispered.

Everybody. Sorry i stopped but I have to say something. Tonight I want everyone to see how much I love Lauren.  She is my everything. He said all that. Wow he likes me. And I want us to be more than just friends. He got on his knees. Lauren. Can you dome he honor of being my girlfriend.  He said while taking out a small box that had a heart necklace in it.Niall

.  Yes I love you so much. You told him kissing.  Wow his lips felt so good. Eventually the teacher got involved and sent both of you off stage. That was the best night you ver had,

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