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1d guy
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4. Ines and Niall

Alright take it from the top. You said to your friend Niall. You and Niall were going to make a music video for YouTube. A cover to the song Someone Like You bye the one and only Adele. The routine was simple. A ballroom waltz and some ballet. Well, for you it was easy, but Niall was having trouble. Now, this is the thing, you liked Niall. A lot. But the only problem was that he was your brother's best friend. You thought that you might ruin their friendship if you two dated. Even, you didn't think that Niall could ever like you. You were just an average girl. Brown eyes, brown hair. Anyways, Niall had an especially hard time getting his hand up for a perfect half circle.

But, Ines. It's really hard. He complained.

No look. Let me help you. You responded taking his right arm.

Ines? He asked.

Yes Niall. He was looking at you while your arm was still guiding his slowly and softly. Both of your eyes met. His ocean blue eys meeting your chocolate brown eyes.

I love you. He responded. You two kept getting closer and closer and closer. Suddenly, his sweet lips were touching your honey tasting lips. There was passion and love. Then you heard your older brother Louis yell.

Oh My Carrots. While carrying a bowl of carrots towards you guys.

What just happened. He asked.

I kissed him Lou. You responded. 

And it was magical. Niall added. He then got on the floor and took your small hand.

Ines. Would you like to be my girlfriend. He asked you.

Ofcourse. You said. And kissed some more.

Ok all this gushy love is hurting my eyes. He said screaming. You all laughed and sat down.

I hope your not mad at me. You told your brother. 

Why would I. He asked. Look if my little sister is happy then I'm also happy.

Thanks. You said softly kissing his cheek. You then started eating carrots. 

I like a girl who eats carrots. Louis said.

Me too. Niall yelled.

Love you too Niall. From then on Niall and you were like the perfect couple. 



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