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7. Harry and Amber

Amber babe. I need to go. Your 2 year boyfriend Harry said. He had to go on tour. It was now September. You and him had a great summer, but now he had to leave. 

But im gonna miss you. You told him with water in your eyes. 

Me too, but ill be back soon. He said. And until I come back you can have this. He said comming towards you and cupping your head with his hands. He slowly and painfully slow went towards you. Both of your foreheads touched. Then your noses. Finally you lips. His soft pink lips touching your rosey ones. Your lips and his moved in sync. You wrapped your arms around his neck. He pulled you in closer. Holding his world in his arms. You jumped and wrapped your legs around his waist. His hands now slided down to your waist. Both of you kept kissing. That moment was simpily perfect. After a good 5 minute kiss Harry let go so he could catch his breath. 

We should do this more often. He said with a cheeky grin on. 

I know. You said giggling. 

Alright babe. I need to go . He said gently letting go of you. 

Ok, but im gonna miss you so much. You told him. 

Me too. He said. The taxi apparently was waiting outside. * honk honk* The taxi went. 

Ok see you soon beautiful. He said. Before you could say anything he let go of you and got out of the house and into the taxi. This was gonna be a hard 2 months. 

^2 weeks later^ 

You missed Harry so freaking bad!! You were missing him so badly. You decided to cook some food. Tacos. Harry's favorite. You were so depressed. :( She quickly ran over to me and hid behind me. 

You had turned the radio on while you were cooking. You loved to sing at anytime. After a few minutes Summer Love by 1d came on. You started singing. It fit perfectly to your situation. You wished Harry was there with you.

Harry's pov

I left the airport at 7pm. I was going to surprise Amber at our house. I missed her so much. I got home at around 9pm. I hope she was still awake. I got my bags from the taxi trunk. I quietly got in the house. I see that she was awake. The lights were on. I came in and heard singing. Hold the phone Amber was singing? She never told me. Wow she has a voice as beautiful as her heart. I slowly went up to her and wrapped my arms around her waist. I whispered in her ear 

You never told me that you sing. I turned her around and kissed her. I could feel a smile growing on her face. 

That's one of my best qualities. She said. 


Hey hopw ypu like it sorry I took so long. 


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