My New Life (A One Direction Fan-fiction)

Ariana has had more than her fare share of bad luck the past few years, first she witnessed her grandparents murder in their own home when she was 10, then her father was murdered at work when she was 12, 4 years later she was forced to watched her mum being tortured, raped and then murdered alongside her younger sister who was 10 while she was tide up and couldn't do anything to help. Now the 18 year old has no family and is living in a orphanage. One day a guy comes into the orphanage looking to adopt someone, now this guys isn't just a regular person, hes very special and very well know all over the world. Who can it be and will he choose Ariana?

(Description of Ariana, she has long blue and purple curly hair that stops just below her breasts, bright blue eyes, fare skin, she's 5ft 5, she's a tom-boy and doesn't care what she looks like around boys, she likes to be different!)


1. Chapter One: The Announcement



Chapter One

The Announcement:


     "Ari! Wake up!" I heard Jade say while shaking my sleepy body. Jade's my best friend, Jade Cox is her full name. I met her when she first came to the orphanage, she was only 17 when she got here, she was a really shy person, she came here a year after me so I helped her get settled in, ever since then we've kinda clung to each other. She has long brown curly hair and green eyes, she's stunning. she's now 18 and her confidence has grown loads.

     "What do you want?" I moaned into my pillow, my eyes still closed I turned onto my back.

     "Jenny's got an announcement and she wants us all downstairs now" She said pulling the duvet from me. My eyes shot open with the blast of cold air that hit my body. Jenny's the Social Worker that comes in every so often to check up on us and see how we are doing. She's really nice, well everyone here is nice actually. I have to say Blaze is my favourite worker though, she's the entertainment organiser, she plans all the parties and outings and all that stuff, she's also the Boss of this joint, she's one awesome gal. I love her, she's like one of the teenagers, very down to earth, and sporty, I think she's like 23 or 24, something like that anyway. She has short pink hair, like Frankie Sanford's from The Saturdays but pink obviously. and she's quite pale skinned, she has a nose ring and big brown eyes. She's beautiful. I got out of bed and walk downstairs and into the living room. Once everyone was in the room Jenny began talking.

     "Right. We have a very special person coming in tomorrow and he is looking to adopt someone, now this person is very well known all around the world and is very important. I want everyone on there best behaviour tomorrow and looking their finest. We don't know yet how many of you he wants to adopt or even if he wants a girl or boy. We will find all this out tomorrow. That is all" She said smiling as she looked up from her paper.

     "Don't we get to know who this person is?" I asked curiously.

     "His name is Simon, but that is all I'm telling you" We all went off and did our own thing. Me and Jade went out in the Garden and laid on the grass talking for what seemed like hours. We could talk to each other for hours on end and not get bored. I've never had that with someone before, it's nice.






     "Dinners ready guys!" Blaze shouted from the kitchen. Everyone went shooting into the dining room and sat down at the long table. There wasn't that many of us here, there must be like 15 or something. Everyone keeps getting adopted. All the food was laid out in the middle of the table ready for us to eat, but we had to wait for Blaze to come and join us with the rest of the staff. Once they had all sat down everyone started piling their plates high with food. I love my food.






It was now about 7pm and everyone was doing their own thing again. That's pretty much all that happens around here unless Blaze has organised something, but on days like this where Jenny comes in she doesn't organise anything. Me, Jade and a few others was in the Living room watching a film, well I wasn't really paying attention to be fare, I was to busy scrolling through Twitter on my phone, That's when I saw it, '@SimonCowell : Looking forward to tomorrow, been waiting this moment for a long time now. Never had the chance to do it before! I'm finally going to Adopt!' I quickly showed Jade and she smiled at me.

     "You don't think it can be him coming tomorrow do ya?" I asked.

     "Nah, it can't be. Why would he come here?" She said

     "I don't know, he might do, you never know"

     "Yeah true, but your just hoping it's him" She smiled at me then continued to watch the film.

     "Why you saying that?" I asked confused.

     "Because you love him." She answered quite bluntly. "Now, shh, I'm trying to watch the film here" She smirked, knowing I hate it when people are blunt. I ignored her comment and went back to scrolling through Twitter. I started to get tired so I went up to bed. I got in bed and put my headphones in, I have to listen to music before I go to bed otherwise I can't sleep. I put on One Direction - They Don't Know About Us, I don't really like One Direction, I only like a few songs of theirs and that's it. To me their just another cheesy boy band. It wasn't long before I drifted off to sleep...




Author's Notes:


I know it's short but it's the first Chapter and I'm tired and just want to go to bed. There wasn't much I could put in it anyway. I hope you enjoyed it an continue reading:) - Jade<3

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