True Love or True Self?

Sam is a very confused girl. Based in the 1600's she goes on a very complicated adventure that includes collisions with dragons and meeting who eill one day be her true love. Sam then has to make the choice. True love or true self?


2. Secondary school

May 19,1621

I awake by the sounds of the crackling fire, the sweeping broom, and a humming maid. I rub my eyes. "Glennda? What time is it?" I ask my servent Glennda. "9:30 in the morning my lady." Glennda replies. Oh no! I've lost so much time to work on my material homework! Over the next hour i eat my toast and sew at the same time. I can't be late with this one, its the final project. After all secondary school ends today, i can't wait to get out of that hell house! After all. You're made to be miserable there. I myself didn't break becase i have such an active imagination. I dream of dragons and wizards and magic all day. No wonder im not a model student. I finally finish my dress. I stand up and hold it far enough away so i can see it clearly. It, its, Beautiful. It looks like it could ne worn by the queen herself! The queen! Imagine, my dress on the queen. Then passed down generation to generation. That would be wonderful. But we all know that would never happen. So i dress in a proper gown, get Glennda to do my hair and makeup, and get in my carrige to go to secondary school. Father will be there after school to pick me up! He is truely wonderful. I walk through the HUGE entrance doors amd smell the sweet smell of flowers. I absolutly love that smell. Its truely fabulous. I stand way of the popular girls and the model students and wait for my best friend, Kaylenn at the fountain before our class. Theres strangely a different vibe here today. It almost seems, nervousness. Well of course! We graduate today! "Hey! Samantha!" Kaylenn shouts. "Excited Kaylenn?" I ask sarcasticly. " of course silly! Everyone is! We all are! We graduate today!" Says Kaylenn excitedly. "Well i knew that of course. You really need to work on your sarcasm." I say. We walk into class and take our usual seats. In the back. Our teacher, Mrs.Kallstrom collects our material homework and looks through them all. "Well this one, this one here is just, extroidenairy." Right away i know it belongs to a model student. Mrs.Kallstrom holds up the dress. "Will the maker of this dress please stand up?" Mrs. Kallstrom asks. Suddenly a cool rush goes through me. I've seen that dress before. Infact. I made that! My knees wobble and i slowly stand up. The whole class gives me a round of applause. Even the populars. I feel. Very happy. After class is the graduation. We sit there for half of the hour and listen to our princible talk about our year and blah blah blah blah blah. Then its the awards. It keeps on going on until the material award. " and the final award of the night is for material. And the winner is…" everyone gets tense. They all want it. It is such an honour if you get the material award. " SAMANTHA EVERNEST!!!!" Screams the princible. Suddenly im on the stage accepting the award. I look into the crowd and see all the people. Theres alot of people out there. My knees start to shake. I dont hear it but i see them applauding. Suddenly i fall on the ground. It all turns black. Ive blacked out. 

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