True Love or True Self?

Sam is a very confused girl. Based in the 1600's she goes on a very complicated adventure that includes collisions with dragons and meeting who eill one day be her true love. Sam then has to make the choice. True love or true self?


1. Confusion

May 18, 1621

Ugh. I think. Why am I so confused? My head feels as if it is going to explode. And as if secondary school couldnt give us any more homework. I sit at my desk and take out the ink and feather. Father has given me a new one! Fairly fancy. Must be a gift from before he left for battle. He has been gone for weeks now. Mother has began to worry. She worries too much. I take the feather and dip it in the ink and start to scribble down the answers on my mathamatics homework. Many too easy questions such as 2x11. I am in the seventh year for christs sake! It takes me over an hour but i finish. " Samantha!!" I can hear my mother sing my name. She has a lovely voice. I walk down the stairs of our ginormous castle. I can already smell the delights i will be having this evening for dinner. Our cooks are the best in Europe! But for now i have to sit and mingle with the guests, carry around my little sister 5 year old Cara, and "play" with the children. I'd rather not "play" but if its what it takes to get that food, I'll soo anything! During the evening my mind wanders to food more often than I expect. A few times I've even made it to the kitchen! The smell just overwhelms me. My mother is very suspicious though. Suddenly I hear bells and trumpets! Flags boast up and applause jumps around the stone cold walls. Everyone makes way down the royal red carpet and waits for the very important announcement. Mother grabs my arm and we get in our seats at the end of the carpet. I see a man. No different than my father. He is walking towards us. And yes! Yes it is! It's my father! I want o jump up and hug him but no. I have to stay put and be a proper lady. I do smile though. The evening is much better after that. There's a certain buzz just bouncing off the walls. Father coming home was just such a surprise. After the spectacular dinner father and mother take the stage in a mesmerizing dance. Some couples join in and the rest of the evening is spent dancing away, even little Cara had fun! But by one o clock in the morning every guest had left and every person were tucked in bed. Except me. No i had to tend to secondary school material class. I had to sew and bead and design a stupid dress. I couldn't wait until i graduate. I've had enough! Over the course of the hour my eyes start to droop my hands stop working and i fall asleep with my hands still on the needle and still sitting in the chair. 

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