A girl named Annabell marring Zayn Malik

the girl named Annabell married Zayn and they had very much fun but she kept on breaking up with one of the one direction members and getting back together with them at a different time and found out that Zayn was the one


6. Trying To get Zayn and then Date Zayn and maybe marry him

      I asked ZAYN I said '' will you go out on a date with me please because I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Very much'' he replied ''yes'' me '' date tomorrow :)


                                                                                                     ~Next Day~


        They both got in there best clothes and fancy clothes and met at Wendy's and ate there at when they ordered and ate before they left they planned there next date.   They had 25 dates and then agreed to get married Annabell said '' were going to get married 9/16/2025

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