A girl named Annabell marring Zayn Malik

the girl named Annabell married Zayn and they had very much fun but she kept on breaking up with one of the one direction members and getting back together with them at a different time and found out that Zayn was the one


3. Trying To get Niall and then Date Niall

      Then she tried to get NIALL!!!!!!!!!!  Annabell '' will you go out with me????'' He said '' let me think about it '' and Annabell said (in her head) '' YES!!!!!!!!'' She was happy very happy then he replied back ''Yes'' She said '' The first date later at 5:00'' the time was right now 1:00 she got in her best outfit so did Niall!!   Then it was 5:00!!!!!!!!!    So they met at the pizza palace and ate Niall figured out that she scratches her butt then eat he told her' '' You are disgusting were not going to date anymore'' and then he left.

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