A girl named Annabell marring Zayn Malik

the girl named Annabell married Zayn and they had very much fun but she kept on breaking up with one of the one direction members and getting back together with them at a different time and found out that Zayn was the one


1. Having Louis

     In the morning LOUIS sent a message to Annabell and it said '' Hey sugar '' and Annabell herd her phone go off and it woke her up.   Annabell said '' who could this be ?'' It was Louis!    She replied back '' hey hone '' he said '' I can't believe I'm actually saying this but I'm breaking up with you '' and then I got another text from Louis when i read it  I cried and said '' never text me again !!"    But he did I said '' I thought I told you to never text me again!!!!! '' and he stopped

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