His it Girl

Aria and Louis. Two separates find each other


1. My Flackng Life

Hey, I'm Ariana but most people call me Aria. I'm just a normal girl but I'm not skinny by any means I'm not like fat either. I have brown hair and boring brown eyes. I live a normal life with my mom, dad, older brother, Parker, and my baby sister, Rayana. There's nothing really special about me other than the fact that my boyfriend Louis Tomlinson, is an internationally known singer in One Direction. 

<Insert Flashback Here>

Mom!!! I'm going out with Sydney tonight, if you need anything just call me. Byeeeee

Sydney is my best friend, I've known her sense 1st grade, we met by me knocking down her block tower that she built behind my chair. It wasn't my fault my pencil broke and I needed to sharpen it. So I accidentally ran into her tower and she started crying and we both had to sit in for recess. But yeah me and her are like two peas in a pod. Her boyfriend just dumped her and now she won't leave her room, so now it's, DUH DUH DUN DAHH, Super Aria to the rescue. 

"Syd? Sydney where are you?

I'm in my room, where else would I be?!

Well get your ass up we've got Louis party to go to. 

Oh did I mention that Louis Tomlinson, international popstar, goes to my school and he's kinda the most popular guy in school, luckily, I'm the most popular girl in the grade so I get invited to pretty much every party ever. Some people think that I'm a bitch because im popular but I don't think I'm like that, at my old school everyone liked me. I wasn't ever popular then. Oh whale, people can think what they want cause words won't bring me down so whatevs. But any whales we were going to Louis' end of the year party WOOT WOOT! 


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