His it Girl

Aria and Louis. Two separates find each other


4. For the first Time

<Date night bitchez>

Louis POV

I still can't believe she said yes. I never noticed I liked her until last night. That reminds me I need to thank Nialler for that dare, it might've just changed my life forever. I can't wait for seven tonight, I get to see her again. I wonder what she's gonna wear? Does she want me to match? Or would that just be too weird? I've never felt like this about a girl. It's weird considering I've been with so many girls, no telling how many vee cards I've taken ;) ha. AND have millions of girls screaming my name everywhere I go. Being in a band has its perks but it also has its down falls, such as not always being able to see your friends. I miss my family all the time. Aria makes me feel different, like I don't need anything but her. I've known her for almost eight years and I never noticed how amazing she is. Hopefully she'll feel the same ways about me tonight.


Aria's POV

Sydney, what should I wear tonight?

Where are you going? And why wasn't I informed until now? She asked me.

I'm going put with Louis, and I didn't tell you because you were drunk as fuck last night.

OMGEE I can't believe your finally gonna be with Louis, I knew it was meant to be! 

I,don't know if I'm gonna 'be with him' or anything. It's just a date.

well where are you going? Syd asked me

We're going to an italian restaurant called Franchellos I think.

Well then wear a dress and let's get your makeup done. 


I put on my Nicole Miller black lace bodycon dress. It fit me in all the right places. He was sure to want some of this. I did natural makeup with a little bit of a winged eyeliner and red lips. My hair was perfect curls down my back. Altogether I looked fucking hot. Good luck resisting this one Louis.


When Louis came to pick me up, I was in awe. He came in a slick black limousine. It was amazing he opened the door for me like a gentleman and we drove off to the resturant.



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