His it Girl

Aria and Louis. Two separates find each other


5. Date

Louis' POV

She looked fucking hot! I thought to myself. How am I gonna contain myself? 

Her dress hugged her curves in every right spot, fuck Louis, stop staring! Damn it she noticed

You like huh? She asked me. But I couldn't talk, all I could think about was how much I want her right now. 

Don't get a boner, don't get a boner. I thought to myself. Oops too late

haha this time I caught her staring. At my dick. Whoops 

Thankfully we arrived at the restaurant and being the gentleman I am opened the door for her and walked in 


Arias POV

I knew I could turn him on, just wait until the waitress comes, I have a good plan for that. 

Welcome to Franchellos my name is Kendra and I'll be your server tonight can I get you started with some drinks?

I'll have a coke. Louis told the waitress and I'll have an unsweetened iced tea please. 

Ok I'll be right back with them. 

You drink UNSWEETENED ICE TEA. That's disgusting. Louis exclaimed 

Well I like it so you can get over it. I told him as the waitress came back. Time to put my plan to action

Are you ready to order? She asked us as I put my hand on Louis knee.

Yeah he told he as my hand was traveling up his thigh almost to his 'area' I-i t-think I'll have t-the chicken linguine with garlic bread. He stuttered. As my hand came in contact with his now hard boner.

And I'll have the Chicken Capri with garlic bread please. I told her proud of my work. When the waitress left Louis told me that "He wanted me so badly and that I was going to be punished for what I did." On that note I left to go to the restroom with Louis not far behind me.


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