His it Girl

Aria and Louis. Two separates find each other


3. After That

After the game pretty much everyone migrated towards the beer. Everyone except for Louis and Me. We stayed there right next to each other. It was really AKA AKWARD until I felt his arm slither around my waist. I jumped and he just looked at me and kissed me again.

Aria, that was the most amazing kiss ever! Louis screamed like a child.

Louis! It couldn't have been that great, calm down.

But it was. Do you wanna go out tomorrow?

Yeah sure what time?

Can I pick you up at 7?

yep sounds good. I told him. 

I then left to find Sydney, and of course, she was drunk on the dance floor, grinding up against some random dude that neither of us knew. I decided that we'd been here long enough. So I grabbed her off the floor and dragged her out to the car. All the while  she was screaming at me to let her go because she hadn't had babies yet. Did I mention that Syd was a super horny drunk. It was really funny at times but its also just really scary. No one knows what she can do when she's drunk. So I got her in the car and drove her home and she passed out on the couch. Oh Whale. I'm not moving her fat ass anywhere. I took a shower and got ready to go to bed when Louis texted me.

L-Louis.  A-Aria

L-hey beautiful, I saw you leave the party, where'd you go?

A-I took Syd home, she was DRUNK.

L-oh, well I miss you already. I can't wait for our date.

A-Yeah, me neither, Syd just threw up gotta go.

L-Gross, no details please. Nightly night love.

A-You called me love?

L-Yeah is there an issue calling m love, love?

A-Nope not at all ;)


He called her love, {insert awing crowd here.} well if you like comment fav whatevs. Comment something you want I the story and I might put it on. Bye my little penguins




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